Sunday, January 22, 2012


Last week as we were getting ready for church, my friend Meg texted to ask if we'd like to go get "fancy waffles" with her and her husband Sean after the 11'o'clock service. Apparently a new spot Waffallonia had opened up nearby and Meg was anxious to try it. Waffles? Yes. Fancy waffles? Absolutely yes.

So after church we headed out into the frozen tundra that Pittsburgh has become, in pursuit of doughy treats. But we were quickly reminded how a baby can make even the most simple outings into a Big. Fat. Hassle.

Piper was apparently not as excited as we were for Belgain cuisine. She began to make her displeasure known with a frantic wail from the backseat, shortly after we left the church parking lot. As the timing worked out, it was probably about time for her lunch, and she wasn't keen to wait. Perhaps more experienced parents wouldn't have sweated it...after all, it's not that complicated a problem. She's hungry. We should feed her. That's about it. But Dustin and I are still new, and things like this tend to rattle us. (In our defense, I think reasoning skills take a distinct hit when you're trapped in a confined space with a screaming baby.) So we did what seems to come naturally at this point- we got stressed, overreacted and snapped at each other.

Should we still go? Where are we going to feed her? Can we even get in the place? I passed it the other day, it looks small. Look it up! This review says there aren't many tables. Where will we sit? What do you want me to do? Quick! The exit is coming! Call Meg. She's not answering! Where are we going to park? Aaaaaaaaaaaah........

Trust me, I think it's just as dumb as you do in hindsight. But in the moment, it's easy to jump to "It's ruined. Everything's ruined" rather quickly. But thankfully, cooler heads prevailed (this time I was the voice of reason, but in general it's pretty much 50/50 on which one of us is going to have to talk the other one down. Reason #493 that I'm thankful not to be doing this parenting thing alone.) We made it to the eatery, and (bonus!) found a parking space just around the corner. I fed her in the front seat of the car (something that has become increasingly common as we take more chances with midday outings that may- the horror!- conflict with her need to eat), Dustin strapped her in the Bjorn, and we were on our way. Freakout officially unnecessary.

See? We're all smiles again...just keep moving. It's freezing!

And as it turns out- the slight inconvenience ended up being worth it...Because these fancy waffles? Were delicious.

It's a pretty simple system. But it works.

They're pretty specialized- they literally just serve waffles, but they do mix it up with toppings- you can get fruit, fancy spreads, or even ice cream.

Dustin and I opted for plain and I couldn't have been happier. The dough is thicker than regular waffles, and somehow they create this crunchy sugar glaze on the outside. I didn't think they needed a thing.

But Meg and Sean are a bit more adventurous than us (or perhaps just have a bigger sweet tooth) so they went for the fanciest of the fancy waffles. You know, the ones that require plastic cutlery.

The reviews were right, it is a tiny little spot with only a few stools (I imagine they'll do even better once the weather warms up and people are more inclined to take their waffles to go). But don't let that deter you....Even if you are in a bad mood, with a crying baby, and overly dramatic concerns about accessibility...Put on your fur hat, and venture out. You might just like it.

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  1. Fancy waffles with the sweet tooth lover's toppings look delish! Glad you were able to perservere and enjoy!

    Derek and I have snapped eachother's heads off a multitude of times. And we, too, take turns being the voice of reason. I love that when one is losing all patience (and often, the control of one's emotions) the other is able to reign them in and save the day!

  2. I feel like a bad friend -- if I hadn't known before that you had never been to Waffalonia, I would have highly recommend it long ago -- I love it so much! My favorite is with nutella and strawberries. There's also a similar place that I think is even better in Philadelphia...I think it's called Bonte, or something like that. Definitely worth a trip when you're there.

  3. I LOVE waffleonia - or however it's spelled!! - I have a recipe for liege waffles, if you'd like! :O) you have to start them the night before...but they're worth it!!

    I owe you a FB message....I'm so terrible at them! GAH!!

    love your blog!

  4. that sweet little baby in a hat distracted me from the food! and gosh do I love waffles!!!!

  5. Oh man, Chris and I feel that way about going out and trying a new place even without a baby! I'm glad you guys made it. I love Piper's fur hat!