Saturday, March 31, 2012

Picture Day

By now you've no doubt learned that Bowdenisms is constantly on the not-cusp of trends. You want to be introduced to a fad that's probably on its way out? I got you. (Draw Something! It's awesome!)

Interested in learning about some sort of technology that everyone already knows about? We're on it.

I kid. A little...we're not exactly trend killers, but try as we might, we're never going to be the hippest of hipsters. At best, we'll be slightly hipper than the masses (at least I got Pinterest before my dad!) and live solidly in the sweet, safe, gooey center of popular culture. (Have you read The Hunger Games? I heard they're all the rage with the kids these days!)

But what we may lack in timing, we make up with enthusiasm. (P.s. I don't know who this "we" I keep referring to is. I guess I'm lumping Dustin in with myself. Dorkiness loves company!). My most recent obsession? Instagram!

(At this point in the post, I ask you to please ignore the fact that you've had Instagram for years, and probably have a following of hundreds of friends, and actually, that's old news it's all about Pictureshow now. Just let me have my moment).

For those of you not in on this yet- Instagram is a phone app that allows you to take pics, add filters and frames, and share them on the web. It's free, simple to use, and transforms blurry, badly lit iphone pics into polaroid-inspired faux-vintage gems. I'm a fan.

They say the best camera is the one you have on you, and while that may only be half true, I will say that 75% of the pics we have of Piper were taken on our phones. They may not be the best quality (although the camera on my iphone is easily twice as good as the first digital camera I had. Does that blow anyone else's mind?) but they're much, much better than nothing, so I'm grateful for the random snapshots we've captured. And with the addition of Instagram, and then PicStitch (A collage making app. look!....I'm a wealth of iphone knowledge!) I've been having fun experimenting with effects and sharing pics.

Some of my recent favs:

So with my new found love for Instagram continuing to grow, I thought it would be fun to join a Photo-A-Day challenge, to encourage me to keep snapping, and maybe come up with some subjects, or angles, or ideas that I might not have thought of otherwise. There are probably thousand such challenges on the web, but Fat Mum Slim has one that looked like fun, so I think I'm going to give it a whirl.

Here's the list for April:

Fun right? Anyone want to join? You don't have to have instagram, or even a camera can use a "real" old school camera. With film even! Imagine that! But if you do join, I'd love to see what come up with. You can share on your blog, facebook...or tweet it! (I go on record saying I'm pretty sure this whole Twitter idea could become the next big thing. You heard it here (not even close to) first.)

Happy Snapping!

P.s. You can follow us on instagram: Cojobo and Bowdend31.


  1. Cute idea...I may give it a try. Though, I don't have an iPhone, instagram, a Twitter account. You my friend, are light years ahead of this old lady. I'll stick to the blog!

  2. I'm doing the photo a day challenge in April, too! Woot. (I'm a trend killer, so this month may be your last chance!)

  3. i love it. love it... especially because 1) it's my birthday MONTH and 2) I'm a scrapbooker and all about documentation. love to document life.
    so remind me b/c I'll forget....

    fellow instagram lover friend of yours,

  4. LOVE the idea ... do you actually have a twitter account I can follow and send my pics to? Or have you not quite caught on to that fad yet?

    1. I'm still not twitterpated- but I added our instagram accounts so you can follow us. I think I actually follow you on there, but there hasn't been much happening as of late- kinda like your blog! Get on it man- I need to see more of those kiddos!

  5. I am just so glad you are on draw something AND instagram. And for the record, you were on top of draw something... for a while you were the only non-high schooler I was playing, so bravo! And I love more pics of Pip and the whole Bowden crew! I have to say, I think the pic a day is a lil cheesey and it encourages waaay too many mirror shots by girls, but I trust that you won't make it quite so vain. Should I have kept that opinion to myself? But i love following you and Dus on instagram! Bring on the pics!

  6. Suzz- I know what you mean....I'll try desperately to keep it un-lame, and un-vain. Which means mostly you're going to get 30 pics of Piper's mug that loosely satisfy the challenge rules. Not sorry!

  7. Great idea! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    And you're pretty "with the times" as far as I'm concerned!