Saturday, April 28, 2012

Buccos, Baby!

First of all, is the new blogger layout blowing anyone else's mind? For real...I feel like a grandmother on a kindle here. "what's this new fangled thing? Don't know why we need all these fancy-shmancy do-dads. Things were just fine in my day. We had to edit our HTML by hand and we liked it". Oh well. Time (and technology) marches on. I'll get used to it, but forgive me if everything looks a little wonky in the meantime.

Anyway. Last Sunday was potentially the coldest day in the history of spring. So what did we decide to do? Go to Pirates game, naturally.

Thanks to work, we had free tickets in the box, so while it was miserably cold out, we had the luxury of watching the game from a cozy clubhouse, complete with a full spread of food and drink. (We even had the Penguins/Flyers game on for some bonus Pennsylvania sports action.) I typically love a baseball game no matter what (being outside, eating hotdogs, singing songs about old-timey snacks...), but the box is where it's at- if only for the food. We got to gorge ourselves on hot dogs, wings nachos (with sour cream and chilli, not just that orange cheese-ish product the rest of those stadium suckers have to endure), salad, bruschetta, chips and nuts. (not to mention soda and beer). But as much as I love the food, the sunshine (not applicable last week) and the latin rap songs introducing each batter, (and I do love that very much) a new favorite part of the gametime experience is the gear.

Now, I don't actually own any Pittsburgh jerseys (or even a t-shirt) but with a little one around, I'm using anything as an excuse to dress her up. (surprising absolutely no one.) The day before the game involved a quick trip to our local Once Upon a Child for a discount "gently used" Pirates get up. (Yes, our store has an entire Pittsburgh-wear second. Again, surprising absolutely no one.) We scored a practically brand new Pirates onesie, and Piper was thrilled to rep her team. (Don't let Dustin know I said that...He is still convinced she's going to be a Phillies fan.)

And again, despite Dustin's wishes, she even sported a new bow in her scraggly fuzz.

(stop it with those adorable black and gold shoe/socks. Too much!)

And folks, we might just have a baseball fan on our hands here. I'm telling you, she loved every second of it. Maybe it was the bright colors, the crowd noise, or because we cuddled her for hours on end, but she had a blast, and wouldn't take her eyes of the field. 

Or more accurately, wouldn't take her eyes off her own reflection in the glass, or the giant TV just on the other side. Girl loves a screen. (even if it's just my camera phone...)

We did venture outside just long enough to snap a couple pics before our ears fell off...

And while she was a trooper, Dustin eventually tired of my (apparently excessive) picture taking. How do I know? This face:

No for real...stop taking pictures...

After the initial excitement, baby girl drifted off into dreamland for innings 4-7 at least (can't say I blame is a slow burn) Tragically, she missed the Pierogie race- practically my #1 reason for attending. But she rallied toward the end, and we made it out of the park without a tear.

P.s. The Pirates lost. But shhhhhh....she doesn't have to know...

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