Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Happy May Day everyone! 

And with the arrival of May comes the end of the April instagram-a-day event. Here's what we snapped for the balance of the month: 
(see our previous two rounds here and here)

21. Bottle

 22. The last thing you bought

23. Vegetable

 24. Something you're grateful for

25. Looking down

 26. Black + white

27. Somewhere you went

 28. 1pm

29. Circle

I really enjoyed the challenge this month. It forced me to take more photos in general, but also got me to snap things I wouldn't always deem photo-worthy. Now the only thing that remains is for me to decide whether I'll be participating in the next round.

I'm toying with the idea of attempting the next photo a day with my "real" camera- aka the DSLR. I've been struggling recently to pull that guy out...it's just so much bulkier than the iPhone, or even my point and shoot. Both my phone and my little camera take great photos, but the quality is still no where near what my canon can do. Plus, I've gotten lazy- just taking quick snaps here and there, not always making sure they're in focus or properly exposed. There is a bit of a trade off- my phone is always with me, so I do get a lot more pictures of things that would otherwise go undocumented. But by not always taking the time to compose or perfect my shot, I end up with lots of half blurry, kinda dark, a bit grainy shots. Again, it's better than no photo at all, but I hate looking back at photos and feeling disappointed I didn't capture memories as vividly as I would have liked. The Flip side of the coin though, is the convenience of the iPhone. Not only is it always there to snap a quick shot, but it allows instant sharing. Run it through a filter to give it a cool look, and post it on the web in seconds. No downloading, editing, saving, uploading, or emailing needed. It's this convenience that tells me I'll never wean myself from the ease and immediate gratification of iPhotography, but I'm hoping to strike a bit more of a balance with my picture taking- some quick casual in-the-moment shots, and some more thoughtful, high quality photos as well.

Anyone else need some motivation to pull out the big gun camera more often? Or maybe you're not much of a picture taker in the first place and are looking for any level of practice? Tell me where you are on the photo-spectrum...hopefully we can inspire each other!

If you're interested, here is May's list from FatMumSlim:

(P.s For those of you who are either really attentive, or just mildly good at counting, you'll notice I didn't share days 20 or 30. I don't want to throw anyone under the bus [Dustin], but someone {Dustin} had a little trouble getting all their pictures taken, so my pairings ended up, well...not pairs at all, so I skipped posting them here. All the more reason for you to jump on the Instagram bandwagon- don't miss a moment!)

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  1. Okay, I'll be the first to admit, I was not a huge fan of the whole photo a day thing. BUT I realized, when it's your friends who are taking them, and you love them, and their baby, and their style and perspective in life, everything changes. You guys weren't the least bit annoying or vain and I'm sorry I ever challenged you on that. Not sure I am ready to jump on it yet, because I feel like I border line post too much, but I LOVE that you and Dus do. And it's funny to see 2 different things from the same fam. Keep it up!

    And yes, I struggle pulling out the big camera, but this weekend, I was on a vacay and I decided I always want to document the important stuff with a good camera. And I thought it was pretty cool to even think, most of these won't be shared with the world wide web, and that was actually sort of fun. Don't worry, not sketchy pictures were taken...but you get the idea.

    Okay, that was my novel. Love you guys!