Monday, July 2, 2012


Sometimes I keep things from you, dear internet friends, and it makes me feel guilty. Sure-you know all about our precious baby, you've gone on virtual tours of our house (even the messy parts) and we've shown you more photos of our food than you probably ever want to see….But I’ve been holding out on you, and it’s time to come clean.

 Internet- meet Fris-cup. Fris-cup, internet.

Friscup is a game that was introduced to us by a former Young Life kid (thanks Seth!) a few years ago, and we’ve been playing ever since (not literally…I mean, we do have to work sometimes.) We’ve shared it with our families at various bar-b-que parties, and I’ve taken a hundred pictures of the action, but somehow I’ve never bothered to share it here. But with 4th of July shin-digs coming up, I figure it's the perfect time to get your outdoor game on. So on the off-chance you’re not familiar with the awesomeness that is Fris-cup, allow me to fix that.
It’s a (really) simple game- akin to the summertime classics Ladderball and Cornhole- boasting easy to learn rules, appropriateness for all ages and incredibly cheap materials (a Frisbee, Solo-cups, and reflective parking sticks from Home Depot.) It requires only 2 minutes to set up, and takes next to no space for storing/transporting. (no, the Fris-cup association isn’t paying me for this endorsement…but I’m open to it!)

Here's the "official" rules: 
Plant 2 sticks in the ground about a Frisbee width apart and place an upside down cup on each. Duplicate the set up about 20ft away. Two teams take turns trying to knock the cups off of the opponents’ sticks by throwing a Frisbee. If a team knocks a cup off- they get one point. If the opposing team catches the cup- they get the point. (No points for hitting the sticks, or for catching the Frisbee.) If a team gets the Frisbee through the sticks field-goal style, without knocking over the sticks or cups- they get 3 points. Take turns throwing until one team reaches 11 points.

So easy, and so fun! I love to play, but I also get a kick out of watching others….the expressions that are made when straining for a catch are priceless.

It's still kind of a little known game (though it does have a few names: Fricket anyone?), but I think it's only a matter of time before it hits the big time, and people are playing in every in backyards, on beaches, and at bbq's across the country. Fris on!

P.s. This post reminded me of our backyard cornhole tournaments, and led me to this little gem in the archives. If you haven't seen this video, it's worth 14 seconds of your time to see my husband get ridiculous.


  1. I love it!!! Totally making a set. But I'm going to paint the set with my monogram and OSU logo. Jk.

    Thanks for sharing- fun, easy back yard game that doesn't require lugging 50 pound boards around and begging people to sew you some pockets o' beans!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!!!! with very little arm twisting, you've convinced me to jump into the fris-cup summer fun!

    my only question is this - if the frisbee goes between the poles, knocking off one/both cups, do you count the 2 points AND the cup points or just the cup points?

    also how do you convert this to use in a parking lot for tailgates?

  3. Hi E! Glad to have you! :)

    Good question- if the frisbee goes through and knocks off the cup(s), only the cups count. Has to go through cleanly to count as a "field goal".

    And I have no idea how to do it in parking lots....but that's a great idea. I'm thinking some sort of base would have to be designed. Maybe I could market this! :)

  4. Thanks so much!!

    Maybe we can wrap up this season of the fantasy movie draft with a backyard game!!

  5. Oh I love this! Fun, cheap and addictive (or so it seems). I'll be looking to buy some parking sticks this week. Makes me wish we had bought the kids combos at crispy Keene yesterday. They came with frisbees!!

  6. My brother introduced me to this game last summer. Love it!! The only difference is they use 5' PVC pipes and stake them to the ground.