Friday, June 29, 2012

98 degrees*

Hot enough for ya?

(I hate when people say that. I know making small talk with strangers is tough sometimes, but maybe come up with a better fall back option than the weather....)

But seriously- it is hot. That's all people can talk/text/tweet about. But I refuse to complain. We've embraced the heat. Yep, we've stripped down, broken out the popsicles, and given summer a big sweaty embrace. Well- at least Piper has....So for this week's Summer Friday post (go ahead...join the fun!), enjoy some Pipin' Hot (iphone) Photos:

Cold watermelon in a bag? That's not anger on her face. It's determination. Yum.

Naked in a beer bucket. You'd do it if you could too.

Everything's better al fresco. Even baths!

Bare piggies enjoying the breeze from the window A/C. 

What happens when your mom cheaps out on the baby sunscreen. 
And by "your mom", I mean me. The worst. 

This one comes courtesy of my mom's cell phone from her day of babysitting this week.
1: how awesome is it to have someone around to watch your baby, 
clean your clothes, wash your dishes, and cook you dinner? Rreeaaalll awesome. 
2: Stop it right now with the half-naked, giant bum, tiny bow, tongue out adorableness. Too much.
3: Yes, her bloomers say "Courtney". Vintage bloomers, you guys. I said stop!

Ok. Now for real. Everyone can stop taking pictures of anything. 
Because this is the cutest shot that has ever been or will be taken. Ever and ever amen.

* I know. I was bummed too. Off to drown my sorrows in a Summer Shandy!


  1. "Too cute" - Sean
    These were the best. She is so stinkin adorable. We can't even handle it.
    Also, Sean would like to start calling your baby "CuBE" = Cutest Baby Ever...?? I don't know I think he's just too overcome right now to make sense...

  2. I love that! Dustin will be excited to have another math related nickname for our little Pi.