Monday, October 29, 2012

Costume Week: Carmen and the Baby Fruit

Brace yourselves kiddos: today's post is a doozy. I could have/should have narrowed these pics down a bit. But I could not/would not. So get your scrolling fingers ready. I'll at least try to keep the words to a minimum.

Friday was our annual office Halloween party and costume contest...and for those of you not lucky enough to work with us...I will end any suspense now- Here was my entry for this year:

I went as Carmen Miranda, or as I was more commonly referred to "the Chiquita Banana lady". Considering one coworker thought I was Aunt Jemima (true story) I'll just be thankful if anyone gets even close. But since I "host" the contest (by that I mean I make the trophy), I'm not eligible to win...

So I'll just get on with the show and present the other contestants:


Cave-girl, me, owl, Woopie Cusion (the obvious winner!) and some inside joke 
costumes that were hysterical in context but here maybe not so much.

It was a small crew that dressed up, but the potluck was fierce, and I got to look ridiculous, so I'm not complaining. 

But let's be honest, I know what you people want, and it's not more of my nonsense.
You people want the baby fruit. Well I aim to please:

YES! Baby watermelon!

I found this costume on sale at the Children's place. Last year. Yep. Last year. As in...before my baby watermelon was even out of my giant watermelon belly. Some people might think that's a bit excessive....but I'm like a Boy Scout when it comes to costuming: Prepared. I've wanted to be Carmen Miranda for years (I've pics in my Halloween inspiration folder forever...And yes, that's a real thing) so when I saw the little stuffed melon, I knew this would be our year.

And now I present to you a run of nearly identical pictures that are at the same time each uniquely awesome...

Thoughtful melon. 

Adorable melon. 

Happy melon. 

Tiring-of-this-charade melon. 

Pick-me-up-please melon. 

Angry melon. 

It's good, right? Like so very good. I want to eat her big fat fruity ruffled belly.

Nom nom nom.


  1. You look awesome...great excuse to wear all of your jewelry at once too!

    1. girl please....that's not even close to all my jewelry.....

  2. i may enjoy halloween just a little more this year because of you. and if that ain't influence I don't know what is. lol

    1. so happy to be of service to you- The original pumpkin enthusiast!

  3. Oh my goodness. Cutest costume ever! That kid is too much. And the combo of you with Piper... I'm dying. So awesome.

    1. Thanks KO. I bet you have some doozies from growing up....not sure why I've never seen that stash of pictures!

  4. Ditto what Crafty said! Bowdenisms is bringing Halloween back. :)