Saturday, October 27, 2012

Costume week: Horror Film

Posting childhood photos of Halloween costumes is all well and good....It's that version of embarrassing that isn't actually embarrassing at all, because most likely even the most ridiculous ensemble is usually still adorable, and even if it's not, there was someone else to blame for the nonsense.

But sharing old photos from high school and college? Well...those tend to be the kind of embarassing that is actually just really, really embarassing.

But I like you guys. So knock on my blog door and yell trick or treat, and I'll throw humiliating photos like king-size candy bars into your pillowcase of treasures...Careful. They contain nuts.

Senior year of high school- Christmas Tree: 

Ok, so the pic is really blurry...but to summarize: I have on my mom's hand me down costume from when she was 7 months pregnant with me, I'm wearing flared cords and a Michigan State Tshirt underneath (with my New Balance shoes. Sporty-Spruce!) And I have my eyebrow pierced. For real.

Even a maternity costume isn't big enough to hide my shame.

Sophomore year of college- Lady Bug

I wish I had a full body shot of this tramp-fest, but you have to remember that when I was in school, digital cameras were still just barely catching on, and facebook was a year or two out from existence. I have precious few photos from college (in comparison to the 90 shots I take at each meal nowdays). But as I recall, the rest of this look involved a red knit skirt, and cheap pleather boots (high heels with a squared off pointy toe). Less "lady"bug, more "hooker"bug.

Full disclosure, the filename to this photo included the words "ladybug hotness". I'm cringing to the point of barfing.

And last...
is another shot from my Sophomore year at UC. But this one's not even from Halloween. This is just a snapshot of the crazy-dorkiness my friends and I would pull on a random Saturday evening.

Bonus cameo by a box of tampons.

There you have it. Pure, unequivocal proof that I was (am, and always will be) an uber-dork. Like you're surprised.

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