Sunday, October 28, 2012

Costume Week: Married Life

When I married Dustin, I knew he was quite a catch. He can sing, dance, calculate least common denominators...he's the total package. But he does have one glaring flaw that he managed to keep under wraps until we sealed the deal: he hates costumes.

So as much as we are hopelessly in love, and each others perfect match, yada, yada, etc and so on, you will be hard pressed to find us strutting around on Halloween in his-and-hers matching ensembles. He will occasionally consent to dressing up, but he's pretty picky about the theme, so I don't push my luck trying to get him to be my sidekick, and instead will settle for helping him with whatever character he'll agree to.

And here's what we've come up with in the past


Court: Devil Wears Prada
Dus: Clark Kent 

This was actually one of my favorite costumes, because it was easy, cute, and involved a pun. 
I made a t shirt for Dustin so he could wear a white button down over it and call himself dressed. Done.

FYI, that is not a real baby I am whispering devilish secrets to
That's my friend Christina, going as Project Runway's Laura Bennett.


Court: Flamingo
Dus: Steely mc beam

Ok, it turns out my halloween costumes are a little bit like children. they are all precious, and are all my favorite. I loved being a flamingo. I got to play around with facepaint (another one of Dustin's non-negotiables), make a giant pom, pom, feathery tu-tu, and stand around on one leg. 

For Dustin's part, I think he actually put this together all on his own.  I'm not sure what got into him that year...the is as out there as I've ever seen him go. Turns out he's always had big mascot dreams!


Court:  Flamenco dancer 
Dus: Eagles fan

And what is by far our laziest year, I present 2008. I went as a flamenco dancer, cobbling together a bunch of junk I had laying around (what, you don't have lace corsets and feather hair accessories at the ready?) And Dustin flat out refused to do anything, finally compromising with me, and changing into an Eagle's jersey. (and slippers. Probably in protest).

You have to admit he's workin' it though....

What do you think? Is your spouse a Halloween-grinch? Or are you putting us to shame with your matching threads each year?