Thursday, November 1, 2012

Closet Crash Course: Meet Erin

Last month I went out on a limb, and tried a crazy idea that had been rattling around in my head for a while. Closet Crash Course started out as an experiment, to see if I could actually make one of my pipe dreams come true, but thanks to the trust from a few relative strangers, it’s turning into a real live thing! I’m encouraged that people are into the concept, thrilled that I actually got to do it again, and so excited to share this round with you. So thanks for having faith in me, dear internet friends, now let’s Crash!

Meet- Erin.

Ok. That’s not her. Erin actually wanted to stay someone anonymous, which I respect. (I mean, my business is out there on virtual front street, but that’s not for everyone) She’s a professional in a public industry, and isn’t quite comfortable putting herself, and her wardrobe quandaries, out there for everyone to see. But, she’s graciously allowed me to share the results of her CCC (Should we start calling it that? Too baby-sitters club?) so long as I don’t show her gorgeous face. Fair enough. (But you guys are missing out…she’s stunning. And so sweet. And that sombrero doesn’t do her justice.)

Need a little background info on what she’s looking for? Me too! She filled out a questionnaire for me to learn a bit more about her tastes and needs.

  • Her self-described style: “Classic with a hint of sexy” (love that!)
  • Needs: business casual outfits, and date-night looks to go out with the hubby.
  • How I knew I could help her: She was “clueless on accessorizing”. OOOOOooooh girl, you came to the right place. 

Armed with a bit of a backstory, and trailed by Erin’s adorable daughter (most accurate description of her:  firecracker. Wait for some of the choice quotes she laid on me during the process) I promptly dove into Erin’s closet:

 Or should I say closetS. Erin is living the dream you guys. A giant walk in closet for all of her clothes, a large dresser for any folded items and another closet just for shoes and dresses. Jealous?!

I grabbed well…pretty much everything. And started working my magic.
(and by that I mean, I arranged and rearranged things on her bed while the dogs wrestled, and her daughter judged. More real life than fashion industry glamour-  and I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

I had a blast working with Erin. We chatted while I hemmed and hawed over different combos, and I tried to rattle off answers to some of her fashion conundrums while I worked. I was worried at first I wouldn’t be able to pull together enough outfits to inspire her (a fear more based on my insecurity than her wardrobe) but I found my grove fairly quickly, and kinda love where we landed.

I can’t wait to show you the results. Ok, I can wait. And I’m going to. I’ve already blathered on forever, and I’ve got too much cuteness to share to have your fatigued fashion fingers start scrolling and skimming. So I’ll leave this as Closet Cliffhanger, with the promise of a big Crash tomorrow.  


  1. Love it! But I don't love the cliff hanger!! I want to see now! xoxo

    1. I know! I"m the worst!! But otherwise the post was a million years you get a tease! See ya tomorrow! ;)

  2. Do you do closet renovations for guys? And I was pumped to see I made one of the pics in your blog last week on Dustin's weak costume segment.

  3. I believe you've dug your blog hole deeper. The masses want Piper's official costume pics and Erin's crash results. And we want them yesterday. But, no pressure...