Monday, November 19, 2012

Piper's Premier Party Post

So if I never share pictures of Piper's first birthday, that means it never happened, right? And if it never happened, that means she's still a baby, right? Because this kid is getting dangerously close to the dreaded toddler-town, with all the Word-Uttering, Step-Taking and One-Turning that's going on around here. Good thing she still cries a lot and hates sleeping...or we might not recognize her...

But since I can't actually stop time, (closest I can get is wasting it...but that seems to have the opposite effect) I guess I'll show you some pictures of her party. And by, "I guess" I of course mean- "Hope you have twenty minutes to scroll through what almost amounts to a flipbook of the festivities."

When planning Piper's party, I tried very hard to keep things under control. I know that I have a tendency to go overboard, especially when it comes to parties. But she's one. She will never remember anything I plan, she would be content with a cardboard box and most of her "friends" still poop their pants. Three excellent reasons not to go crazy spending time and money on two hours worth of celebrating. But on the other hand, she will only turn one once, and she is my one and only baby, so it's not like I could just whip up a box of fun-fetti, snap a polaroid and send people on their way. No way.

So I aimed for Courtney-level themed antics, tempered with Dustin-level practicality and perspective. And if I can say so humbly...We nailed it.

It was the perfect day. As simple as my dreamer-heart would allow, and special enough to be worthy of this awesome little person we've been given.

The theme was a little abstract...but the elements fit with what has become her signature style over the last year (whether she knows it or not)- Modern+ Chalkboards+Yellow...

Here's the invite that set the tone:

Piper's 1st Birthday...You're Invited! from Courtney Bowden on Vimeo.

I spent about 90,000 hours on powerpoint attempting to make my word-art vision come to life. I'm hopeful that skill set will come in handy again someday...and if not, don't be surprised if I force you to watch it seven more times to justify my efforts.

The decor was simple...Just a few balloons, flowers, and some large scale chalkboards (one reused from my pregnancy pics).

Easy-peasy favors. Especially easy because Rachel made them for me.

Just in case people didn't get enough Piper live-and-in-person, 
we had some print selections to peruse as well.

The food was simple too...and 95% store bought. I may aspire to Martha-type crafts, but I don't even pretend to do Martha-type cooking.

All the snacks were "P" themed...

But the main attraction was the "Pi" bar. (an idea reused from my work shower). We had eight choices, including one my mom made with her own hands (including the little P to go on top)! I may have had a piece of all of some ice cream. And I'm not even sorry.

And as for Piper? She had a blast...but was maybe a bit overwhelmed. All of my pictures have a bit of a "deer in headlights" vibe to them. But serious-face isn't uncommon for her, and I don't blame her for being a bit taken aback by forty people milling about "her" space.

Finally got a grin...when we handed over the sippy cup. Simple girl.

So there's the high-level recap of our big one year bash. I've got a ton more to share, but I've decided to milk this thing for all it's worth, and extend it over a few days. So if this wet your Pipsqueak Party appetite, fear not, there is more delicious Pi on the way. And if not...come back anyway! You wouldn't want to disappoint the birthday girl, would you?

 Best birthday pic ever. Thanks Erin

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  1. oh my goodness you are starting to become my role model! ;)

  2. It was simply a great party, start to finish! Cutest birthday girl ever!