Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pied Piper

So you have the decorations, the presents, the fancy little dress....but we all know a first birthday party is about one thing: The Cake!

But I apparently have an aversion to all things conventional (really just cake) so I insisted upon making Piper's "smash-cake" a pie instead. And again, by "making" I obviously mean buying a fruit tart from giant eagle, mashing up the insides for her and covering it all with canned whipped cream. Because she's worth it.

People worried about the decision (for real...multiple people told me there would be disappointed guests. The people want icing on the baby's face. Give the people what they want!!) But I was undeterred. I insisted pie was the way to go...and let's just say, mama knows.

 So cute right? 

She sat patiently while we sang, which we hustled through a bit so we didn't end up with melted wax all over her mini-pie (or burned mini-fingers as she kept trying to grab it.) And when it was time to dig in, she gave us this face:

Where does she come up with this stuff?

She approached the dessert cautiously at first, just dipping her fingers into the tippy-top of the whipped cream...

 But soon enough she dug in, and made it a two-fist ordeal. 

A baby eating cake pie is pretty much an irresistible sight, so the flashbulbs were going like crazy, as she went to town on her tart. if she had bothered to look up, this would have been her view:

 Hilarious, right? The people...the people got what they wanted.

And as much as she loved it, she was still willing to share...

Aaaaaaand then right back to chowing.

We eventually called the ball when she was about half way through, but seventy-five percent covered. (I'm happy to say the dress recovered nicely after an evening in oxi-clean). All in all...smashing success.

P.s. If you still can't get enough Piper Party Pics, check out the other Piper's Premier Party posts...including what I might deem the best photobooth ever,


  1. adorbs.
    brave mama with no bib, but really, it wouldn't have matched, right? wait, do you own bibs? I don't recall ever seeing one in a picture! lol

    great job, Courtney! looks like a smashing success!

  2. i love this!! what a great party. your little one is adorable. Newest follower!