Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Piper's Premier Party Photos (P to the 4th Power!)


So we had the fun theme...

and we had the delicious pie...

But all you loyal followers know that there is one crucial element to every Bowdenisms party that's been missing thus far...


(not to overuse a Christian cliche- but photobooths might be my love language.)

I saw chalkboard trays on this site, and immediately knew we had to have them at Piper's party. Then it was just some quick trolling around on Pinterest, and the rest of the decor was settled. I went simple with this one- just plain white balloons, and clear balloons filled with tissue paper confetti. (one of the perks of having a dad in the helium tank industry...unlimited photobooth supplies!) We tied them all to white and yellow ribbon, and weighed them down with tissue paper wrapped rocks. (

I made some instructions, set up the tripod and set people loose:

And I'll say it was a bit of a hit. I have a hundred or so pics to share with you...and truly, every single one is worth seeing...but let me share the choicest of choice with you here:

Ok. Stop right there. I just need you to know the entire ordeal would have been worth it for that one photo. The only thing better than a birthday photobooth, is an unsupervised birthday photobooth. Priceless photo surprises.

aaaaand on with the show.

For real you guys. These make my heart happy in a way I can't accurately describe.
And now: Prepare yourselves for the





(at a one year old's birthday party)


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  1. i cant get enough of this party! love the photobooth and especially the picture saying santa is not real. perfect.

  2. I think my favorite is Mark and Jaci looking confused into the camera.

    Also, Santa's not real?

  3. i think my Christmas was just ruined. {crying}
    ps your photobooth pics rock!

    pps I'm wearing the