Friday, December 7, 2012

Sharing Christmas: 2012

17 days my friends. 17 days until Christmas. 

Are you ready?! (Come on, is anyone actually ever ready for Christmas?) There’s always more to do, more to buy, more to bake, more to wrap, more to drink.....But as the day approaches, I wanted to pull together some blogger friends for a good old fashioned Christmas link up! 

 My good friend Megan has hosted this event in the past, and now the torch (luminary?) has been passed on to me. Sharing Christmas, is a chance to invite your internet friends into your home to share your Christmas decorations, baking, traditions and just general good tidings and cheer! I love seeing what everyone else cooks up for the holidays (sometimes literally)! And not only is it a fun way to share your home, but it’s also a great chance to document this year’s version of Christmas in your life. Your celebrations may look different year to year, or they might be exactly the same...But either way, each year is special and full of memories being made.

Even thought I haven’t participated every time, I love going on all the “virtual tours”, and hope even more will join in the fun this year. If you’ve been a part of it before, please join us again and if you’re new to the game....Great! Please encourage your fellow blogging friends to become part of the tradition. The more the merrier!

So start snapping some pics, and documenting your trimmings, and on Friday, December 21st, stop back here to share your Christmas and see what everyone else is up to!

See our posts from Christmases Past: 2008, 2010. (apparently I’m only in for even years....It’s like my holiday Olympics)

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  1. So fun! Julie and I (along with some other bloggers) are hosting a link up on the 19th! The link up will still be open, so you should join us too!