Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Style: 9 to 5

One of the best parts of attending Influence last year, was meeting some fabulous ladies. And near the top of that list of {many} (very) fabulous ladies is Shannon. She has her own bl

For real....she's a power house. She works full time (at some schmancy job in DC I only barely understand),  writes her own blog, runs an etsy shop full of handmade stationary, raises her (adorable) two year old son, and is currently growing a brand new human...from scratch!!! 

Oh- and if that wasn't enough....she co-founded this little ditty:

What's that you ask? 

Told you....fabulous

I'm thrilled to be featured this week, showing of my "work duds" (warning...they probably look like your weekend wear)...

Go check it out...(if you promise not to make fun of my attempt at "modeling". Try as I might...I'm pretty sure I'll never be a fashion blogger.)


  1. So fun! I need to look at that blog more for some 9 to 5 inspiration!

  2. Reading it *almost* made me want to get a sweet little 9 to 5 gig myself! But only if I got to raid your wardrobe! ;) Such a cool post, I loved your answers to all the questions!