Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little Mister or Little Miss: The Reveal!


Did you appreciate the cliff-hanger of all cliff-hangers
I didn't mean to torture you by keeping the gender a secret. I try not to flatter myself into thinking anyone cares about our little goings-on that much...but it turns out you are all pretty excited about the next baby B...which makes me even more excited! So thanks for letting me extend the mystery an extra couple of days while we let the news soak in. And now it's time for....

Get your guess ready...The big news after the jump!

Dustin and I decided to delay our gratification a bit too...so instead of learning the gender at the ultrasound, we had the tech write down the results in a card I made. And through the magic of the internet, you get to open the card too!

 photo BabyB2--GenderRevealCard3.gif

That's right...It's (another) girl!

And we're so so so excited. 

There's more to the story...because while we're thrilled to have another girl (really!!) I had at least one signature Courtney spaz attack, and our magical romantic reveal took a turn for the...well...more real. I'll share a bit more of my heart later this week. But for now, just enjoy some virtual pink confetti. Because, yay!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting. I'm due with our first, a girl, in May and I'd actually love to have another girl as our second. For practical reasons of course like a shared room and clothes but also because there's nothing like a sister :)

    1. congrats to you! good luck with your first....it's all the scary things you've heard....and all the awesome things too!

  2. That's cute - I love the confetti. And the picture of Pipes!

  3. Replies
    1. aw thanks Shannon. Gotta step up my game for baby #2 once in a while!

  4. congrats! love this reveal! what a wonderful idea!

  5. The Bowden girls has a lovely ring to it! I like what Hilary said about there's nothing like a sister, so true! You have a ton of fun in your near future! Congratulations!!! (Dustin will have to start practicing the art of polishing a rifle by the front door for when boys come to call. Even if it's just a Red Rider BB Gun. A stuffed animal head above his chair is also a good scare tactic. I speak from experience here. ;))

  6. love it! so excited for Piper to have a baby sister!

  7. Courtney, We are so excited!! Another grand baby to love! WOW!! Their birth years are close and that will make them even 'closer'. ...Can't wait to meet her! We love you all. YMIL and YFIL.