Friday, April 26, 2013

Go ask Google

Friday Fun Time!

Today is the second installment of our semi-regular (meaning not at all regular) series (two posts counts as a series, right?) of Google-y nonsense.

Have you ever looked up your google search history? Every time I start a new search on my phone, a little list pops up with my last few searches. And for some reason I get a kick out of looking through the things I've just looked up. There are a lot of mundane things in there...addresses, the hours at the library...boring stuff. But once you take the boring stuff out of boring context, it all starts to look kind of ridiculous. Why am I searching this stuff? Or why don't I already know that? And why am I so bad at spelling?

So just because it makes me laugh...I present- a sampling of my recent searches:

Courtney Stegmayer Bowden- for last month’s “fun with google” post
Scribble pad blog- Because she’s awesome.
Catch strep from sleeping in same room- I was contemplating living in the guest bedroom for a while when my entire family came down with random physical calamities. Thankfully the good people of YahooAnswers gave me some sound medical advice. “yes it could be if he breathes close to your face”.
Emma roberts- no idea. Just no idea what I needed to know about this girl....
Put down the duckie- A necessity. If, that is, you want to play the saxaphone.
Parking shadyside Sundays- I only have so many quarters on hand....
Dive movie- sounds gross. And intriguing. But mostly gross.
Suri’s burn book- have you had the pleasure of reading this yet? I like to think of it as Piper’s internal monologue to go along with all those judgy faces she pulls.
Ross park mall- duty calls. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that original- how had Dustin never seen this? Obsessed.
The anderson crew- because she’s also awesome.
Storytime squirrwl hill- proof that I should get to the library find the correct spelling of squirrel.
Us map/Colorado- it turns out if you ask Dustin and I to name all the states that border colorado, he could name one (maybe). And I could name two. Ignorami, I tell you. (which is also, apparently, wrong.)
Harry s truman- What’s the S for? Slippy...Slappy...Samsonite!!
Intergumentary system- admit it. You’d have to google it too.
Fatmum slim- I love an instagram challenge and a deal on a photobook.
Rainbow baby- cheesy maybe. But still very sweet.

Ax vs axe- it’s pretty much a grey/gray area.
Holly robinson peete kids- Have you seen her in a paper towel/Pedialite commercial recently? (no clue what she’s shilling...) I’m convinced it only featured 2 of her kids...and I’m pretty sure she has a least one more, specifially one on the Autism Spectrum. Where is he? Why is he not mentioned? Doesn’t he use paper towels/Pedialite too?!?! These are the things that keep me up at night.
Rainbow nails pittsburgh- My toes were looking pretty busted....time for the annual pedicure to kick off the Spring season!
Chris farley ice skating snl- I can't for the life of me remember why I wanted to share this with someone, but I can tell you it's impossible to find the clip online. I did manage to find this GIF though, so we'll call that a partial win.
Magee nich- Yeah. That should be "NICU". My heart was in the right place...but my fingers apparently weren't. (If you're wondering- I was visiting a friend's baby, who is now thankfully, home and doing well!)
Once upon a hild- seriously. It turns out I'm the worst iphone typer ever.
D&M nails pittsburgh- Still searching for the perfect pedicure place....
Sun penang menu- Celebrating a good friend's "9+3=1" Birthday. And you know a pregnant girl wants to plan her meals in advance.
Elephant ive cream book- Proof that google is practically a mind reader. I was looking for this book. How in the world did my crazy search actually led me to the right result? 


What about you? What's in your history? Do any of your googles gives you a giggle?


  1. LOL! From what I remember about my fifth grade report on Harry S. Truman, the "S" stands for S. Both of his grandfathers had S names and so old Harry Boy just gets a middle initial. I think. Don't quote me on that. ;)

    Dying over the Holly Robinson Peete one. So funny.

    How had Dustin never been introduced to Sweet Brown?!? Everybody needs a little Sweet Brown. Everybody Got Time For That.

    1. Oooooh...I think you're right. It's just S. Strange, but it sounds familiar! And trust me...I allllllways got time for a good youtube video!

  2. i love this idea. I love looking at the everyday things we do in a scrappy perspective. this is a scrappy perspective, imo.

    sweet brown cracks me UP