Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prepping for Baby #2: what to buy

I've already shared my working to do list for Bowden Baby #2, but one important component of that list is what to get. As I said, I'm trying not to go crazy buying things, but even a short 20 months later, a few of our newborn essentials will need replenished or replaced. We've also learned a couple of things along the way, so we're hoping a few additional purchases can help the transition from 1 to 2 go as smoothly as possible. 
(should I write a disclaimer explaining that I'm no expert, and you should take any of my "advice" with a giant grain of salt? already know that by now!) 

 Here's what we're in the market for this time around....

  • waterproof mattress cover- we have two, but we'll really need a third (at least) for when one is in the laundry. (which will be always)
  • White Changing Pad Cover- I have no idea why we have always only had one of these. It's constantly dirty (though the disposable pads do help!), so it's missing in action more often than not. It's high time for a spare.
  • new boppy cover- this falls strictly under "want" because I have one that works perfectly well. But this shop has some irresistible fabric choices. I'm torn between the grey flowers, the yellow pine stickers, the sun knotty bois, and the blush chevron....Well...and all of the rest of them. If I'm not careful I'm going to end up designing an entire nursery....
  • diaper caddy- for downstairs changes. I'm sure I could just get a plastic bin...but this has so many compartments! I love even the illusion of organization!
  • newborn diapers- We did cloth for the first couple of months with Piper, and still have a ton of prefolds to reuse, but we'd need some covers if we decide to go that route again. OR we'll stock up on plain old target brand and say forget the whole thing. (Sure...I'm leaning towards that because it's easy, but I actually did like cloth in the beginning. Newborns go through like 121 diapers a day- I'm pretty sure that's an exact least the way I remember it- so it was nice to feel like we weren't just constantly throwing money away.) 
  • Diaper Rash Stick- One for every diapered bum in the house. Proof that I won't make the girls share everything.
  • A video monitor- It seemed a little unnecessary the first time around (I was worried about being that mom that had to watch her kid at all times...) and it probably is a bit of overkill. But now I'm thinking it might be that nice kind of "we have the technology" overkill. Sure, I don't need to watch my babies sleep for hours on end. But being able to see if their cries are the "I hate this crib and I hate you for putting me here!" kind, vs. the "I've gotten my leg stuck in the slats and I need HELLLLLP!" kind would be really nice. And someday when the girls share a room, I think I'll enjoy being able to spy on their antics without having to intrude (until lives are at stake). I dig this model because it has two cameras and decently large screen. 
  • Drying Rack AccessoriesI actually already have these- they were a gift from my mom but I'm so excited to use them! I'm sort of obsessed with my boon drying rack, and the fact that I now get to build a little plastic garden for it, makes me really happy. (it's the little things...)
  • Sound Machine- In the summer we have window a/c units running, and in the winter we typically have a humidifier going, so that all helps with the white noise factor, but with two babies, and oh so much crying, I think it would be great to have something specifically designed to block out the noise so we can all get some (some!) sleep. I've heard rave reviews about this one, and it has the bonus of projecting pictures on the ceiling. I'm thinking of it as a white noise machine, mobile substitute, and nightlight all in one.
  • First year calendar- I'm always looking for a good way to record babies' milestones, and although I tried to keep up with Piper, there are definitely some holes in my documentation. I thought maybe a simple system like a calendar would be good so I can just jot notes in on the fly. Worth a shot, right?
  • Night light- This isn't technically for the's really for the hallway. But anything that keeps us from bumping around in the middle of the night is good for the baby too.
  • gripe water and gas drops- There are a ton of little things that you don't know you need, until you need them RIGHT NOW (ask me how we learned that one!) We already have a stockpile of baby tylenol etc, but having a stash of the true newborn essentials will be great peace of mind for those middle of the night freak outs. 
So that's our must-have list....Or our "think we must have" list. Not too bad, right? I tried hard to keep it to just the necessities. As much as I want eight million patterned swaddle blankets, and new booties, and hip leggings, and handmade dolls, and......and.......and.......I know that we would be fine if we didn't add anything to our stash. After all, we managed somehow the first time...we'll manage again the second time. But if we can add a few key things to make it go more smoothly? All the better. 

What do you think? Any second time, (or third, or forth....or twelfth!) moms have any other suggestions for things to pick up in preparation for our newest baby? 


  1. Looks like you've got it all covered! If you want any more cloth diapers (or know of someone in need of cloth diapers), let me know. We have a ton and I'm not sure what to do with them.

    Ah, Baby#2, such fun times ahead!

  2. If I ever had another I would reference these posts in a heartbeat. That being said, I sort of hope I never have to reference these posts. You make it sound so sensible and yet so fun and while it would be neat to try all the awesome things that have come out since I had babies (lo, those three years ago...)I'm not sure I'm up for the rest of it. In July I'll just come hold your baby and see all the goodies in use! Yes? Yes!

    1. Yes! Please come hold both of my babies!
      And isn't it crazy how fast things change? I swear there are things out now that weren't an option even when Piper was born....and that was like, five minutes ago!