Monday, June 3, 2013

Thyme for thanks

This week is a pretty big milestone. Piper is moving to the big girl room at daycare! If I think about it, I could probably come up with 75 paragraphs of poetic waxing about her moving on and not being my baaaayyyyyybeeee anymore. And I probably will have a moment of over dramatic sadness...but not today. Today I choose to celebrate my big girl, and say thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who helped her survive (and thrive) each day for the past year and a half. 

It turns out it practically does take a village to take care of a baby, (Piper has seven teachers!) so though I wanted to get them all a special gift I knew I had to rein it in a little or we wouldn't be able to afford daycare anymore. I bring in sweet treats every once a while but I wanted to do something different. And who doesn't want a plant? Especially when Spring is springing. And if there's one thing we all know the teachers love it's a heartfelt pun. (at least that's what Pinterest taught me).

So I settled on "thyme", got some seed packets for each teacher, put them in some plantable pots, added some fun tissue paper, wrapped a ribbon around them, and added homemade tags. (Piper helped with the coloring.)

Nothing too elaborate or fancy, but hopefully the staff appreciates the thought as much as I appreciate them.

Being working mom isn't easy (hoo boy- another post for another day… Probably a lot more posts for a lot more days.) But I'm so thankful for these ladies who "mom" my baby when I can't.

We will miss them, but good news! Baby  number two is just around the corner.... Soon we'll have about a Bowden in every classroom! And then I'll owe them something really nice.

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