Friday, July 12, 2013

Camp G'mi

Last week, Finley and I enjoyed an intimate week here at home, which meant Piper had to get out of dodge. But fear not...we sent her to heaven- otherwise known as her grandparent's house. (*G'mi is what the kids call my mom. It's a long story, but it sure is funny when people think we're calling her "jimmy")

She's stayed with my mom a few times before, so she pretty much knew the drill, but we were still a little worried about spending a full week away from our girl. I knew she would be well taken care of, but I made my mom promise to take a ton of pictures so I knew that everyone was getting along ok. (I worried more for my parents than Piper. Taking care of a toddler is a tough job...and we don't pay well!)

I shouldn't have worried. They had a blast. I got daily (hourly...) texts and pictures from everyone in my family telling me how much fun they were having, and what a joy Piper was. I definitely missed being with her, but it made my mama heart happy to know she was being so well behaved and charming. (We think our girl is pretty awesome, but having that confirmed by people we love is just the best.)

So if you'll indulge me- here are some snippets of her week, through the lens of my mom's camera phone.

"Just put Piper down. She walked in, found the piggie stuffed animal, wiped him with a wipe, put a diaper on him, wrapped him in a blanket and put him in her bed. Vern and I pretty much died."

"Piper woke up talking. I went in. Picked her up and she said "bappa?" [her version of Papa] Took her in our room and she put all the pillows on the floor and started falling on them as if she always lives here. Now she is toddling through the house discovering all her toys and showing us. It is so cute."

"Piper is having a ball! It is sprinkling now but no sunburn. She loves everyone and the VEST - so far so good."

"Jacob [her 4 year old cousin] and Pi asleep. So cute. Jacob kissed Piper and she hugged him and said night back to him"

"Yesterday and today she reached out and said "bed" when I was holding her before putting her down. Hates my froggy-voiced singing?"

"Hi mama! Miss you but having the time of my life. What new baby?"

"Piper rode a bike with pedals today and is playing chutes and ladders with Jacob. She is a genius."

"We were all playing in the living room and Piper left and pulled her high chair across the kitchen and said "eat". Hilarious."

"She would spend all day out here if I would let her."


I adore that Piper is so comfortable with my (her) family. I know my mom especially will cherish this week of memories, and I hope this is the first in a long line of summers spent together.


  1. awh!! she looks like she had a blast hanging out with her g'mi. i too was nervous leaving my kiddos (when they were younger) with my husbands parents.. former helicopter mom here. i didn't think they could watch a busy 5 and 3yr old..they they i mean my in