Monday, July 15, 2013

Newborn, by the numbers

Our stat form:

4- weeks old
2- hours between each feeding. (3 if we're lucky)
10- dirty diapers per day
3- record for most diapers used during a single change

3- outfit changes per day due to spit up (5 if you count mine wardrobe too...)
2- pounds she's gained despite all that.

3- instances in which we've gotten both girls to nap at the same time
1- times I've gotten to nap during that time too

15- blankets in constant rotation
12- seconds required to swaddle her (oh yeah, we're fast now...)

5- contraptions we've tried to get her to sleep
3- hours spent sleeping on one of us each day instead.

19.5- months between our girls
18- inches Piper seems to have grown since becoming a big sister.

247- iPhone photos taken
1007- approximate times I've smelled her head since she's come home.

28- days I've thought about running away
28- nights I've said bedtime prayers of thankfulness

100%- likelihood I'll forget all the rough patches and remember the sweet spots.


  1. I love your post-partum posts. So sweet and tender and real, of course. You should make them into a sweet little book. :)

    1. Thanks happy. I owe Piper a baby book, so I'm a little behind. But at least I get my thoughts out there...maybe I can catch up when the girls go to college. :)

  2. Courtney - I love this post! Such a great idea - and I love your honesty. If there is one thing I've learned - motherhood is humbling, no? :) xo