Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Long and Short of it

What's that parenting saying?

The days are long.....

The days are long, the naps are short?

Or is it:
The tantrums are long, my temper is short?

The weeks are long, the weekends are short.

Or maybe:
The days are long the socially-acceptable-time-period-for-screen-time-as-a-babysitter is short.

Wait..I think it's: 
The days are long, my child bosses are short. 

True. So true.

(To help your day go a little quicker- I give you some totally unrelated pictures of Pipes enjoying a friend's cozy coupe.)


  1. All those sayings are true! Thanks for the laugh this morning and the cute Piper pics.

  2. How can that little teeny nose ever be stuffy! Stinking cute! Love her new (borrowed) wheels.Your Mom (and yes I have to click anonymous because nothing else fits me)