Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday fun: Richy Rich

I'm a question asker by nature. I was always a curious kid, and I'm still that way. (And by that way, I probably mean nosy, but lets go with inquisitive.) I could stay up all night playing "Would you Rather" or swapping questions from "Table Topics". After a million or so rounds of the game Truth (because after the 8th grade, who has time- or energy- for Dare?) I have my set of go to questions, and thus, have never seen a random wedding reception table, church mixer, baby shower crowd or office party I couldn't get talking...

Today I thought we'd play a virtual round of Q&A, and I'll pose my favorite question to you- the Internet masses:

What is one thing that is commonplace to you now, but as a kid, you thought it signified being rich?

To help you out- my answer is fancy shaped mac and cheese. 

We ate mac and cheese constantly when I was little, and even splurged for Kraft, vs the store brand. But my dad taught me from a young age to look at unit prices, and to this day I can tell you regular noodles come in a 7.25oz box, while the spirals I so coveted, are only 5.5oz. He rationalized that it doesn't make any sense to pay the same amount for less, just for the fancy shape. And all I remember thinking, was wouldn't it be nice to be rich, so we could have all the wheels, and spirals, and dino's we could eat?!

We got crazy the other night and cooked Madagascar macaroni. The box was a birthday gift from a friend (seriously) and I a savored every bite- thinking "I've finally made it."

So what's your rich kid tale? It could be a brand name doll, an ice maker fridge...I've even heard sprinkles on an ice cream cone (apparently that family took frugality pretty seriously). I relate to a lot of people's responses, but sometimes they're just hysterical. Example? Dustin's answer is "meat". Hilariously, tragically, true. We'll see if he'll elaborate in the comments. (Oh- and it doesn't have to be food- that's just how we Bowdens roll.)

Leave a comment, and laugh at the comparative luxury we must all live in now!


  1. Back to school clothes from Hills. (The alternative were hand me downs my dad got from a family of all boys. I am one of two girls.) I would have thought my dad had hit the powerball if we had ever gone to JCPenneys, and but Hills layaway pick up day was pretty significant.

  2. Definitely going out to eat. As a kid we NEVER went out to eat except for things like birthdays. Now? We go out to eat 3-4x a week just b/c we're too tired to cook but the places we're going aren't exactly getting any Michelin stars, but as a kid I would've probably been excited to go to Chili's or whatever.

  3. Buying fruit juice in a bottle (as opposed to concentrate) or *gasp* Buying little debbies, Zebra Cakes. We were never allowed to because "You kids will just eat them all" which IS technically the point of food, but anyhow... :)

  4. I love checking back the comments section...I ditto parsons comment. Especially the part about eating out 3-4x a week just b/c we're too tired to cook. Typed while swallowing a good Noodles and Co. burp.

  5. I thought Entenmenn's desserts (those boxed donuts, breakfast cakes, etc. at the grocery store) were for rich people. Haha.