Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finley Faces: 3 months

A mere ten days late...and I'm ready to share Fin's three month update! (In my defense...she came exactly 10 days early, so I'm technically right on time!)

I feel like 3 months is one of the first great milestones in the life of a babe. It's the transition from newborn to infant, so I while I was antsy for what is to come, I still tried to soak up the newborn-ness of it all as much as I could. 

Fin continues to be just the sweetest baby. She's full of smiles, and is on her way to giving us a true giggle. (I can't wait for that!) Her "skills" aren't super impressive (sorry Fin!) but I think that might be more of the "second time mom" in me saying that, rather than an actual deficiency in her development. With Piper, every single thing she did was a first, so I was constantly looking for milestones and markers to achieve and check off. This time...I'm more relaxed about the journey. I've felt guilt at times, like I'm not as invested in Fin's development, but I've come to feel that it's a good thing. I may be tracking less, recording less, striving less....and enjoying more. I figure she'll roll, and sit, and babble, and crawl soon enough. For now, she's little, and squishy, which might not make her super talented, but it sure makes her snuggable. And that's pretty much the best thing a baby can be.

So we're enjoying hearing the beginnings of her coos and soaking up her smiles. I'm trying to steal away moments for quiet baby play, even when there are a hundred things (and people!) screaming for me to do. I'll nurse her extra long, just to cram in some additional cuddles while she'll still allow it. We hold and rock her a teeny bit more than we should...just because she's little, which seems reason enough. She gets the short end of the stick sometimes, being the second baby, but her mellow spirit means she doesn't complain. And though she may not always get all the attention and instruction that a first baby would, she's reaping the benefits of parents that have been around the block once before- who know the value of letting babies be babies, without excessive pressure to get on a schedule or line up with the achievements of peers. 

She's a doll baby, and as much as we can, we're trying to slow down to just love her. A difficult, but simultaneously effortless task. 


We love you, Fin, and are grateful it's you who joined our family. Your sweet spirit is nothing but a blessing and you've already taught us so much. I'm sorry we don't read to you more, or bathe you often enough. I promise we'll make it up to you with continued unconditional love and heaps of snuggles. Oh- and that crazy little blonde girl who's always in your face? She loves you something fierce, so thanks for tolerating her attempts to "mother" you, even when it looks more like smothering. You're kind of irresistible, and this 3/4ths of the Bowden clan is so happy to have you as the newest piece of our pie. 


Check out her previous mug shots: 1, 2.

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