Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately: The Rambling Edition

I'm working on my- don't over think the blogging- thing. But as much as I'd like to sit down to write little updates here...I just haven't had much time. Ok, strike that. I have had a little time, but I've been using it for other things. Like raising babies, and making ducks. But mostly...watching Friday Night Lights.

  (These pictures are related to nothing...but they're pretty cute, 
so consider them the photographic version of rambling.)

Dustin and I started watching the series from the beginning on Amazon Prime, and we're pretty much obsessed. The show is awesome, but more than that I've been enjoying the idea of even being able to watch a show at all. For a while, we were consumed with the newborn-ness of it all, and her erratic sleep patterns meant we were up constantly. We were on call for baby duty at all hours, so the idea of a "bedtime" was sort of out of the question. Not to mention the fact that when she finally did go to bed, we would follow immediately after. Something shifted recently, and we've been able to put both girls down in the evening and have a little time to ourselves before we have to crash. There is still the inevitable late night round of baby care, but there is a fairly predictable lull between laying her down, and needing to feed again. We do have a million things to do in this two hour window, so we scurry around prepping lunches, cleaning up, starting some laundry, or getting some more work done that the day didn't allow. But when that's done, we've had the blissful gift of alone time again. A few minutes where no one is bouncing a baby or quieting a toddler is still a novelty that we don't take for granted, and while we should probably be rekindling our romantic passion, or having deep heart to heart talks, we're just as excited to watch 42 minutes of online programming without interruption. Oh- and a glass of wine doesn't hurt! 

So…all that to say, I haven't really done an update here. I tend to wait for big events, or at least some sort of themed narrative idea before I blog, but I'm learning to be ok with a stream of consciousness approach. I love when I have time to pour my heart out regarding a particular topic, but I also know I'll be happy I spent a few minutes detailing the mundane things too, even when I don't have time to edit and rewrite it to literary perfection.

I recently caught up with an old friend via Facebook message, and realized that the few paragraphs I wrote her during a 3AM nursing session was basically a blog post without the blog. So without shame- I will repurpose it here, as our current "Life Lately" update.


How are you? I miss you, lady!!

I just went back to work last week, so that's been an adjustment. It's mostly good, but it is really hard to get used to everything again after stepping out. A bit of culture shock. Plus it's hard for me to check myself, and not ramp up to giving work everything, when this is really a season where it needs to take a bit of a backseat. That's not my strong suit, but I compromised my life for a lot of years...I shouldn't compromise my family without their choosing. I'm sure I'll find a balance, but it's not easy! It's one thing to be a working mom, it's another to be a career mom...I definitely want to keep learning and growing- I'd just like to do it within a strict 9-5!  

Aside from all that, the little people are just awesome. They are more work than anything I could ever imagine though. The level of sacrifice is staggering, and everyday I'm pushed to care about myself less and other people more. Good for me, but oh so hard. I love them tremendously though obviously, and they are super snuggly and fun. Piper is almost 2, so she's hysterical and adorable and smart. But she's also demanding and stubborn and exhausting. So it's a bit of "the best of times, the worst of times" with her. Hard to enjoy every minute, as it's a lot of work to guide her little heart and mind all the time. But she has a smile like no one I've ever met, so when it's good- it's real good. Fin is the sweetest ever. You can't not like her, and as babies go- she's pretty easy. But it turns out babies are never easy- so we're pretty much exhausted most of the time. But that gets better each week and we're finding our rhythm. 
Dustin is still the bees knees. It's been insanely hard to keep focused just on us, while we're in it so deep with everything else- but we're still working hard at it, and trying to keep it all in perspective. 

So- all in all..:I'm incredibly happy. And supremely tired. And stretched to my limit at times, but also starting to see the light as to why I wanted to be in this mess in the first place. 

Whew. Thanks for reading my massive brain/heart dump.

Your turn!!!! Tell me about your life! I desperately need an update! It's been waaaaaaay too long!



Feel free to use that last line as a personal invite to comment…Chime in and tell me what your life lately is like!


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  1. You are in it deep right now, yes. Deeper than Phil Collins (or was it Genesis?) in the song "In Too Deep." Deep in love with those sweet babies and deep in love with the man who helped give them to you, yet deep in the trenches of some tired days and more tired nights. Aren't I painting such a lovely, encouraging picture? You've got the right perspective...really you do. And this too shall pass (even though it will take like forever if you are counting the time at 1am feedings). As you guide their hearts and minds, just remember the payoff will be worth all the effort and all the sleepless nights (easy for me to say when I am sleeping at night, right? I suck at this stuff).

    You know what? Just go pop in another episode of Friday Night Lights. Their motto is the best and can be used in all of life. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."


    1. In deep. That's what I always say....But deep can be so so good too.