Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quilt-along time

(Get it? A long time? Laaaame...)

Just wanted to remind you all...the official start of our Quilt Along is tomorrow!

In case you missed the details the first time around, here's the scoop.

If you're thinking about participating...there's still time to sign up. Ok...there's actually a lot of time, since our quilts don't "have to" be finished until the end of January. But if you want to get in on the ground level, comment or email me your address by tomorrow, so I can add you to the "official" group. 

(It's a bit of a flexible start, as everyone is free to begin their quilts whenever, but I will kick things off so people can start asking questions, sharing ideas, and posting progress as soon as they're ready!)

If you already joined, please make sure I have your email address so you don't get left out! And if you are still on the fence...I say go for it! (Because of course I do...)

Oh- and PS...Happy Halloween...from a baby punkin' and a strawberry punk.



  1. Am I in the group? Because I meant to be... agreatandmanythings "at"

  2. Hola Sobrinita -- Count me in. Your mom and I plan to quilt "together" long distance. Fun idea. I'm thinking baby qyuilt for Quena, Kaitlyn's baby, due any day now...

  3. I would like to join!

  4. This. Is. The.

    I'm totally joining because I have a quilt I was supposed to make LAST July (as in, 2012). You could say I've been procrastinating?

  5. I'd like to join!