Monday, November 4, 2013


Today my baby turns two.

I wanted to have a heavy, emotion-filled essay detailing my deep love for Piper, and expressing the sheer inconceivability of her growing up before my eyes so quickly. I expected to feel completely unprepared, and bittersweet about this day. I thought I might have a "give me back my bayyyyy-beeeeee" panic, as this milestone approached.

But I'm ok.

I'm actually excited.

Sure, it might help just a little that I have another chunky ball of baby at home these days to take the edge off of missing a newborn, but honestly, I'm loving who Piper is so much now that I don't mourn to bring back who she was then. I adored her gummy grin, her fat, dimpled arms, her judge-y faces, and her tiny puppy snores. And then I relished her first tentative steps, hearing her finally utter "mama", and rocking her to sleep in her fuzzy footed jammies.

But these days I'm loving learning who she is. Hearing words tumble, and tumble, and tumble out of her mouth, faster than I thought anyone could learn them. Watching her press her tiny little nose against Fin's face, giggling and talking "baby talk" to her. Laughing as she boldly points to "animoes", excitedly shouting their names, until they get anywhere near her, causing her to recoil in horror. Looking into her eyes, almost able to see her little brain working as she soaks up the world around her.

She is a spitfire. And a lover. She is talkative, and inquisitive, and shy, and giving. She is as stubborn as the day is long (and when you have a stubborn toddler, those days are loooooooooooooooong.) And she is funny. Like, genuinely, on-purpose, funny. She is opinionated. And sensitive. She is exuberant. And oh so, very, very smart.

She is every good part of me. And a fair portion of the bad parts too. She has her father's face and heart, with her unique spirit layered on top. She has a thin blonde scraggly mane, a big potbelly, fat Flinstone's feet, deep dark eyes, and dimples to die for.

She is jeggings, and cuddles, and bows, and waffles, and "mine!", and books, and giggles.

She is, quite honestly, unbiasedly, irresistible. A charmer, in all the best ways possible.

And my baby isn't gone.
The eye-sparkling grin is still there. The judge-y face still comes out. And, thank God, she still fits into footie pajamas. She is my Piper, my daughter, my baby. The girl who made me a mama, and one of the great loves of my life.

She is two. Two big, two sweet, two bossy, two cute, too....two. We are in for a ride this year, I just know it.

And I'm excited.


  1. Beautifully said, Mama. I love that little dickens to pieces.

  2. Its so nice to hear a mama who loves the toddler age, not just "ohmygash, I can't wait till she grows out of this". You give me hope, Mama!