Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas in November

Halloween is over, (though I still owe you a #costumeweekspooktacular update with our official costumes...I'll get there…someday) so it's time for Christmas right?!? 
Sort of kidding…I actually love Thanksgiving, and totally understand why people get super bent out of shape when it gets skipped in favor of everything Merry. I'm so not one of those people that goes to the stores November 1st to stock up on decorations, (actually I'm one of those people who doesn't get decorations, but my bah-humbug-ness is another topic for another day. The issue this year is that Thanksgiving is super late. Which means we have a ton of time to enjoy the fall season and plan our turkey day, but it also means that if we wait to start Christmas shopping until after Black Friday we won't have much time before Christmas actually arrives.

So while I don't condone skipping one holiday to rush another, I do condone getting your butt in gear, or really my butt in gear, and starting the shopping early.

And on that note: I have to tell you one of the best things about having kids, besides actually having the kids because they're kind of great too, is that Christmas gifts are practically figured out for you. What do grandparents want? Pictures of grandkids. Yes! That knocks out about 8 people on my list. No small feat. And if grandparents are suckers for their grandkids, then parents are suckers for a deal.

So, I'm super excited about a couple of Blurb promotions running right now: 

Haven't used Blurb? It's pretty easy, and the results are really professional looking. Check out our past books here

Now my biggest task is narrowing down what I'm going to make. I've got a pregnancy journal in the works for Fin already, but that's really a gift for me. I'm also working on a scrapbook of our family vacation from last year…but wait a minute…that's another gift for me. Perhaps I should take a look at their gift center and get some ideas for the other people on my list. (Personalized cookbook? Family scrapbook?)  But something tells me I could just plop in some pics of these crazy mugs, and everyone would be happy.

So while I narrow my options and start the 17 or so books I'm itching to make, go check it out for yourself, save some money, make some grandparents smile.

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