Friday, November 8, 2013


It's been a while since I've done a fashion related post. Probably because it's been a long while since I wore anything but a nursing tank and sweatpants. Ohhhhh babies. So glamorous.

But Summer's over (so a tank with jean shorts isn't cutting it), and I'm back at work now (so a tank and jean shorts definitely isn't cutting it). And though nursing is helping me shed the pregnancy pounds, I'm not exactly back where I was, or where I want to be, so getting dressed- flatteringly- is still a bit of an art form.  I do have tons of clothes, but I have considerably fewer clothes I'm excited about. And we all know that full closet, isn't the same as a good closet, so I've been in the market for a few pieces that would help me feel excited about getting dressed in the morning. Problem(s) with that? With two kids it's a liiiiiiitle hard to get out to the mall. And even when I did get out to the mall? I found out I hated the mall. I used to be fun to browse around, pile up an armful of goodies and do a dressing room fashion show with my friends. But now any shopping trip I have is squeezed before or after work, or into the briefest of nap-times on weekends, and the entire time I'm out I can hear an imaginary clock ticking telling me I need to wrap it up and get home to the kiddos (only sometimes that imaginary clock is actually a real baby, and the ticking is actually wailing). Plus, trying on clothes when you still feel like you have to hide the leftovers of the kangaroo pouch is not much fun. This size jean is too big, that size is too small, this shirt is too loose, that one is too tight. It's a tall order to dress a postpartum mama, and though I consider myself fairly good at this whole shopping thing (it's kinda my job...) it still isn't my favorite stage to wade through.

So....I decided to outsource it!
Remember StitchFix?

I wrote about them a few times before, and after a bit of a rocky start, I found myself completely addicted. I got seven fixes over the last year, and it started to become an event at work, with people gathering around my desk every time that signature box showed up. I even got a fix or two after I found out I was pregnant with Fin! But once I moved from "adorable bump" to "self-conscious waddle" I took a break from the fashion service, and just stocked up on some mumu's (I kid. But I did hit the Old Navy XL clearance section pretty hard.)

But a few weeks ago I decided it was the perfect time to get back in the game. I've gotten a couple new pieces of clothing since Fin was born, and have come to learn that anything that makes me feel pretty (or thin...or BOTH) is worth its weight in gold. So though we're not exactly swimming in money these days (we're swimming in diapers...which is similar, yet completely different), I am trying to splurge a little to feel good about myself. Nothing crazy, but a new pair of jeans to work while I'm in between sizes, a few new tops that I can nurse in and look presentable at the same time, and an armful of fake gold bangles to make me feel fancy? Yes please!

I updated my StitchFix profile, telling them what I was looking for (and what I wasn't), and scheduled my fix for the week before Piper's birthday. (I mean, I did play a rather large role in all of that...I should get a present too, right?)

And when my magic box of sartorial surprises arrived? It came with the nicest note ever. Never mind the clothes. I'm just in this for the fan mail. (xoxo Jackie!)

People gathered around my cube to see what treasures were enclosed...and I was pleasantly surprised by the options I was given. Not that I don't hope for keepers...I just try to keep my expectations low so I'm not disappointed.

Here's what was included this time around:

I did a quick fashion show at work, and knew there were some definite contenders in the mix. But I needed to try them on at home (and not over my current outfit) to know for sure. 

So I rounded up my peanut gallery, and checked out my fix. 

(And to get a little Show Your Real with you, this was a no-shower day, so I'm rocking a stubby pony, with greased pinned back bangs. And my makeup wasn't exactly holding up. Oh...and our room is a mess, I'm the most awkward selfie taker ever, my bedroom mirror is broken and my eyes are two different sizes. Soooo, yeah. I'm practically a professional StitchFix model. Prepare yourself.)

First up was a blouse that I sort of liked in the box, and then reaaaaally liked on. 

It's blue, which is my weakness, it has a fun print, it makes me feel skinny, and I can nurse in it. That is a lot of wins for one shirt. 

Next? A sweater my coworkers dubbed: The Pitt Cardi (like University of Pittsburgh, not like armpit. It was a compliment). I really liked the colors and the print- but the cut was a little too short for me. It's also a bit more preppy than I normally am but overall was a pretty good try. 

And then...there was a robe. 

Ok, it's a sweatshirt cardigan...with a belt...which is practically a robe if you ask me. Sorry, Jackie. Not a fan. 

Though it did make me look tough (rough?):

Moving on...
This one is pink. And fancy. Which is code for so not me. It's pretty...but just isn't a fit for my lifestyle.(I'm not sure "attempting to survive each day" counts as a lifestyle really, but still.) Back in the box. 

Last...but not even close to least, is this stripey number. my jam. The minute I opened the box it started calling my name. Do I own 17 striped grey 3/4 sleeve shirts? Yes. But do I own this striped grey 3/4 sleeve shirt? No! Or should I say: Not yet!

I was pretty much certain I was keeping this guy, but wanted to try a few different things to be sure. I wasn't 100% sold on the hem in the front. It was feeling a little frumpy, and wasn't quite as flattering as I wanted, so I tried tucking it in, which I liked, but didn't love. (And I needed to tighten my belt one more notch, but give me a was a long day...)

So I tried it with shorts, to see if it would be a good match with my summer uniform. 

Still ok, but not knock my (polka dotted) socks off. 

So then I tried it with a scarf rolled up underneath. You know...just in case, somehow, someway, I end up with pregnant belly again someday...

Yesssss. That's the stuff. 
(If Dustin is even skimming this, he is rolling his eyes in exasperated fear, whispering "Too Soon"!)

But in the end, I wasn't completely sold on it, and felt like I could probably find something similar at Forever21 if I was absolutely dying to complete my Striped Shirt Archives. 

So I hemmed and hawed about the whole thing for another day, totally torn on what I wanted to keep (and maxing out the "keep things for 3 days" rule. But I finally went with my gut and kept the blue blouse. It was a bit more than I usually like to pay for a shirt (meaning- it was more than $15) but I really loved it and knew I'd regret it if I sent it back. Again, a little splurge, in order to feel excited about getting dressed in the morning, and look pulled together without trying? Worth it. 

Since then, I've already worn my new top twice; Once for impromptu family photoshoot in the park (It's hiding under another recent "splurge" of mine: a $30 Forever21 jacket I wear every. single. day.) and once the next day. (Because we all know that Sunday/Monday outfits doesn't count as a repeat. Totally different audiences.) If I was a better fashion blogger (or even a fashion blogger at all) I would have thought to take a picture of my outfit...Bonus points for looking off in the distance all thoughtful-like
But....I didn't. But when we get the professional pictures back from our park trip, I promise to share (as long as my eyes don't look wonky!)

In the meantime, you should sign up for a fix of your own! If you follow my link, I get referral credit, and you get a box to impress your coworkers, bore your children, and entertain the internet masses. Aw, yeeeeah.


  1. I'm a hearty believer in the SUnday/Monday rule :) Cute!

  2. You look amazing!!!! And I am obsessed with that navy blouse as well, nice work Jackie!

    p.s. I've always loved the fact that your eyes are different sizes. Makes you unique.

  3. all of this...
    "But now any shopping trip I have is squeezed before or after work, or into the briefest of nap-times on weekends, and the entire time I'm out I can hear an imaginary clock ticking telling me I need to wrap it up and get home to the kiddos (only sometimes that imaginary clock is actually a real baby, and the ticking is actually wailing). Plus, trying on clothes when you still feel like you have to hide the leftovers of the kangaroo pouch is not much fun."
    nodding my head and saying YES, YES! I hear ya! lol

    love the blue shirt with the triangle thingy's. cute cute. or rather pretty and stylish.
    I adhere closely to the Sun/Mon rule and then the repeat it on Wed or Friday, too.

  4. I am so tempted to try Stitchfix. I love to shop but it might be nice to have someone pushing me to try new things rather than my standard stores? Can you give a range on what some of the pieces cost for you? I don't mind spending a little bit on something I love but not sure I want to do that every month...

    ps - love the blue top!