Monday, November 11, 2013

Four Month Finley

Fear not, Finley. Your four month photoshoot was not forgotten!

I actually snapped pics of Fin a few weeks ago, but for some reason (Piper) or another (Finley) I haven't had time to put together the mugshot collage.

We're now under a week to go until she hits five months, so I thought I'd squeeze this in really quick before we're out of order, out of energy and out of time.
Finney-town (a random nickname we gave you a while back that your sister now repeats once in a while) you are loved, so very much. Your milestones may not always make it onto the internet in a timely manner, but you are firmly entrenched in our hearts, all the time. Happy 4th, Fin!

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  1. oh sweetness. I, too, have been trying to post a certain child's 2 month pics. alas, someone is always pulling me away from the computer