Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Pip-speaks: Birthday Edition

As Piper is getting older, she's starting to get funnier and funnier. We've always gotten a kick out of her goofy antics, but the more verbal she becomes the more hilarious things that come out of her mouth. To capture the "kids say the darnedest things"-ness of it all, I thought it would be fun to start a series...

Here are a few "piperisms" (Like bowdenisms, but smaller, and more adorable) from her birthday weekend: 

Pip-speak #1
Upon seeing a flat, square present: "I want to open my new book!"
(how did she know?!)

Pip-speak #2
Carrying allllll her stuffed animals: "I have a lot of things!!"

Pip-speak #3
As she unwrapped presents, building suspense: "I got...I got...I GOTTTTTTT...a [insert name of thing in a crazy excited voice here]!"

Pip-speak #4
Daddy, reading her birthday card from Grandmom & Grandpop: "Who's a darling birthday g-"
Piper- interrupting- "MEEEEE!"

Pip-speak #5
Daddy: How old will you be on your birthday? 
Piper: One!
Daddy: Nooooo...
Piper: Ummm...Ladybug!!
Daddy: You're going to be ladybug years old? 
Piper: Yeah! And mommy ladybug too. And daddy ladybug too! 

Have a MARVELOUS (Piper's newest vocab word) weekend!

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