Monday, January 27, 2014

Finley Faces: Seven Months

When we first had Fin, time seemed to move so slowly. Part of that was good because we had a chance to savor our sweet little newborn. And part of it was...not as good...because through the hard times, the overwhelming moments, and the struggles- time seemed to crawl.

But we made it through those crazy-sweet, crazy-crazy newborn days and as she's gotten older we've fallen into more of a rhythm. For a while I was telling people time actually seemed to be going slower with our second baby. But alas...somehow a switch got flipped, and our collective clock is somehow set to "warp". 

Our baby is seven months.  

As in, over a half a year. As in, closer to one than none. As in, please someone hand me the giant pause button for life, because it's just so good sometimes I don't want a thing to change. 

But until someone invents a baby DVR (watch the good bits on repeat, skip through the junk, and have your favorite parts cued up whenever you want!) I'll just keep snuggling as much as she'll allow, jotting down as many memories as I can, and snapping all our traditional milestone pics. 
Because the feeling that it all goes too fast just reinforces how much I love our sweet little bunny. 

Oh. I mean this bunny:

Xo, Fin. Xoxoxoxo.


Six more months of Fin-faced fun here:
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  1. I have a bunny similar to that, that Vin and I bought in Italy WAAAYy back when to give to my first baby girl. He's in the crib but plays second fiddle to Elmo, princess, Do (dog), baby, baby, second Elmo… you get the picture. Anyway, your bunny (both of them actually) is adorable and reminded me of that little story.
    I want to know how long it takes to capture all those adorable little "looks" from your baby girl.

  2. This kid seriously has the BEST faces. :)