Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Pip-speaks: Volume 4

The This Girl Cracks Me Up edition.

Pip-speak #1

Mommy: Oh no! Piper, I forgot today was "M" day for show and tell.
Piper: It's ok, Mommy. I didn't bring show and tell either. 

Pip-speak #2
Piper: {Holding a blanket} You want cobered? (her version of "covered")
Daddy: No. 
Piper: Yeah?
Daddy: No thanks.
Piper: Yeah?!
Daddy: Ok. Yes please.
Piper: Good manners, daddy!

Pip-speak #3
Piper: Knock knock
Mommy: Who's there?
Piper: Mama
Mommy: Mama who?
Piper: Courtney Bow-den {pronounced like "tied in a bow"}
Mommy: Courtney Bowden? {pronounced like "take a bow"}
Piper: No- it's my Bowden. You're Courtney Bow-den. You teasin' me!

 Pip-speak #4
Piper: {Some sort of intelligible rambling about green, boots and or a duck}.
**Long Pause**
What my talkin' bout?


  1. She cracks me up! I love how you blog about this....I wish I had a tape recorder every time Jules tried to make sense of herself talking!

  2. What my talkin' bout? had Mike and I laughing. She's awesome. I expect nothing less since you and Dustin are her parents.