Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just Say No

Things I should just say no to:
  • McDonald's- It's never delicious. It's actually barely tolerable, but somehow that big mac billboard suckers me in a couple times every year. And every time I'm intensely sorry. I've promised Dustin that I will never (ever) drag him there again, no matter how mouth watering that photoshopped sandwich appears.
  • Shutterfly books- I always say they'll take an hour. They always take three and a half days. No 50% off coupon is worth countless hours hunched over a computer screen agonizing over which digital "BABY LOVE!" sticker to place on my snapshot. But dang, if they don't turn out so cute. I just can't quit you, Shutterfly. 
  • Furniture- How many dining room tables does one family need? And buffets? How about decorative baskets? Random picture frames? Actually, I should have titled this one: Items in the basement- It is not an infinite realm of storage, nor does it organize itself. I cannot keep throwing things at the bottom of the stairs, and then wondering why I can't seem to find the washing machine. 
  • Caffeine after 4pm- it's a catch twenty-two. Without it, I may not make it 'til bedtime (meaning my kids' bedtime at 7 o'clock). With it, I may not fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. And not being able to fall asleep is not a luxury you have when you have an infant that is always just moments away from sounding her "I need you!" alarm. 

  • Baby clothes- These girls have everything they could ever need and then some, and Fin especially is set for life. (She may not ever get to wear anything new, but that's the cross little sisters have to bear. Plus, if we're being honest, only half of Piper's clothes were bought new anyway, so don't feel too bad for the little one.) But the siren song of baby clothes is practically irresistible. I constantly force myself to back away from the Target Clearance rack, lest we end up with another Mt. Onesie on our hands.
What about you? Do you have a cruel mistress in your life that keeps dragging you back for more? What would Barbara Bush encourage you to Just Say No to? (besides the drugs. I heard she was pretty anti that).


  1. I always love when you do posts in different creative formats--so fun to read!

    Also, I am so impressed by your photo book habit. I would 'just say yes' to you making these for me too.

  2. Root beer, but it just tastes way too good, so I can't quit it. Also McDonald's. Which I am probably the only person who actually enjoys the taste of a McDonald's hamburger but that's just how it is. Ha!

  3. I envy your Shutterfly books, but not your inability to drink caffeine after a certain hour without being up all night. I actually drink iced tea all evening and into the night as I am reading. I don't think it keeps me up any later, but then again, maybe it does and I just don't realize it.

    I would/should just say no to:

    books? (never)
    cheese (Derek says I buy too much cheese, in all forms. I disagree, but the cheese drawer often has a hard time shutting so he maybe right...)

    Fun post even if I am too boring to have many just say no's myself. :)

    As usual you have had many great posts recently, some really good ones, but I have been logged out of my blogger account permanently as a result of not being able to remember my password. I was just smart enough to reset it.

    Just wait, the forgetfulness of age sets in at the ripe old age of 31....