Monday, February 17, 2014

The "After, After" Tour

This summer will mark six years since we moved into our house. Our first house!
We've done a ton of work on the place since then, and blogged a lot of our updates, but there is a ton that has gone undocumented. I have no shortage of pictures (believe me…no shortage of pictures) but I haven't kept up with posting all of the changes we've made or projects we've tackled. I have a list in my head of things I'd love to share, but that list keeps getting longer and longer, while my free time (and energy, and motivation to do anything besides plop on the couch eating brownies and watching The Bachelor) seems to be shrinking. 

The other day I stumbled upon an old video from the day we closed on our home, and got such a kick out of seeing the day we "came home" for the first time. Then I ventured further down the rabbit hole of my blog archives, and I was reminded we did a follow up video right after we moved in. In case you weren't a loyal follower a half decade ago (or your memory is as fuzzy as mine) here we are, as two young whippersnappers in love- with each other, and our new place: 
(click each video to expand to full screen) 


It was so fun to see our house in its early days. I honestly forgot ho much it's changed. And as much as I'd love to have a series of catch-up posts showing off the results of all of our blood sweat and tears over the years, I'm realistic in realizing the odds of that happening aren't great. Our kitchen deserves a series all it's own, (yes, I'm biased, but we- mostly Dustin- worked our fingers to the bones, and I sure do love how it turned out!) and there are about a dozen smaller projects I think would be fun to share. But again- real life, real talk: you and I both know that when given the choice between digging through photo archives to format some how-to html, and eating ice cream while binging on online episode of Real Housewives…well…I'm going to pick the latter.

But I was inspired by those original posts, so I thought it would be fun to do another walk through of our space, cramming six years of missed-opportunity blog posts into one video show and tell. But let me just warn you- yes, we've come a long way from the technology of 2008, but if you're expecting a professional level production you'll be disappointed. What I'm offering up is 12, iPhone quality, sometimes poorly lit, minutes of me rambling, with nary a title slide or transition to be found. Dustin's thumb even makes a cameo or two. But…you know we like to keep it real around here. (Better done than perfect, or something like that.) If this were a design blog I would have shipped the kids off somewhere, arranged everything just so, and dazzled you with my decor decisions. But again...we like to keep it real. So instead- we shot this on a Saturday morning (to get the best light) after the cleaning lady's monthly visit (to not completely gross you out). You'll see piles of our laundry, toys underfoot, and hear me say "work in progress" about 17 times. We filmed between naps (as to not wake anyone up with my yammering) so the rugrats are running around oblivious to mommy and daddy's HGTV dreams. (We do leave Fin "unattended" for a good 4 minutes, but I assure you she was safely playing, and we could hear her happily jabbering the whole time. You can hang up on Child Protective Services now). 

So here's the (relatively) quick spin around our beloved abode in its current state. We have no shortage of ideas to try, projects to finish, or updates to embark on, but we've come a long way baby, and we're blessed to call this place home. Check it out if you're interested in how we really live- or if you just want a couple of cute video-bombs from a couple of Bowden Babies. (and if you spot anything that you're dying for details on, ask away in the comments!)

HouseTour14 from Courtney Bowden on Vimeo.


P.S. All of this house nostalgia might not have been enough to motivate me to catch up on the DIY backlog, but it did at least inspire me to pull together a digest of our past house posts. Check out the sidebar for a link to our new Our Home page.


  1. Thanks for the tour...that was fun!

  2. Have you guys tried Command Sticky Nail Sawtooth Hangers?:

  3. Pretty cool how these kinds of things would just surface, like a video from when the first time we walked straight into a new home, and a new life. I'm sure you'll have more of these to pore through in the future. Meanwhile, you should pat yourselves on the back for making, what time and history seems to have proven, a great purchase of the house. It's nice to get something like that in the current market once in a while, though a good realty company or two could ease the process through insights and strong economic cunning.


  4. Loved this! And you only said "work in progress" twice! ;)
    My favorite part was Finn at the end babbling away!! But it is so wonderful to see the fruits of your labor and obviously a very happy home. Thanks for sharing!