Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Pip-speaks: Volume 5

The Certified Car ride Chatterbox edition.

Pip-speak #1
Hearing me on the phone: What you callin' mom? You callin' my dad?

Pip-speak #2
Making her road trip "nest": comfy now. I got my hands in therrrrrre.... And I nice and waaaaaaarm....

Pip-speak #3
Spotting a dinosaur sculpture: Oh, that's a dinosaur. I see it out my window. Take a picture! I don't have a dinosaur. We'll have to get one. At the store. His name cera-top? I 'member! Dinosaur taking a rest? No. He just hangin' out.

Pip-speak #4
After being "so brabe!" looking at (not touching!) my dad's dog, she couldn't stop talking about it. An overtired Fin was crying on the way home and Piper comforted her:
It's ok fin. The doggie not here. 

Pip-speak #5
I need brush my hair. I a ragamuffin!


  1. Oh my word! So sweet and funny! I a ragamuffin! LOL! And the you calling my dad? Oh my! It is so fun to hear the world in their words!