Monday, April 28, 2014

Show Your Real: New Job Edition

Happy Monday!

(This was as much of a view as I could snap without looking like a tourist 
in my own cube. As you'll see...I have a rep to maintain. Play it cool...)

Highlights from my first week: 
  • Falling up the central staircase in view of the café and reception area (maybe only 4 people saw, but I’m sure that was the first of many literal missteps in my future.)
  • Spilling mayonnaise on my blouse two hours in to my first day (yes, blouse. I went all out for my “introductory outfit”). 
  • Bringing empty soda cans and vitamin water bottles with me on my way out, planning on throwing them in a recycle bin before the door. There wasn’t one. So I had to stuff it all in my bag like a eco-conscious magpie.
  • Forgetting where I put my lunch leftovers, causing me to have to search the 'fridge on each floor. Maybe multiple times. 
  • Attempting to return to my desk after lunch, not realizing I was on the wrong floor. I chose to stop at the restroom just to make it look like I had a purpose in walking down a random hallway. 
  • Giving the window washer a show when using the mother’s room. (windows: nice bonus normally, but maybe not so practical in the “lactation lounge”).
(Meanwhile, Dustin was on PTO for the week, and was doing a bangup job watching the kiddos.)

Soooo...other than that? 
It’s actually going awesome. I work with incredibly smart, incredibly nice people, in an incredibly cool environment, on incredibly inspiring projects. (Or I will. Once I finish some training and they actually risk allowing me to do some work. Assuming my stained clothes, and propensity for accidental flashings haven't scared them off...)

People around here tend to use the phrase "super pumped" a lot, and I'm beginning to understand why....

Not too shabby, eh?

(P.s. As always, Dustin has been beyond supportive as I’ve gotten settled. He’s still the best dad I’ve ever seen, COSI/diaper incidents non-withstanding).

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  1. love the highlights! praying for you guys and all the transitions!!