Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bonus Day

Ever feel like there aren’t enough days in the week?

Ha. Dumb question. 

At my previous job we used to joke about adding “Octember” to the calendar in order to get everything done. (Though I’d really actually rather have a “Jugust” or an Augember”...if you have to add another month of work, it might as well be warm out!)

But really, sometimes I wish I could just insert a day into my week to help ease that crammed, rushing from one thing to the next, can never get it all done type feeling. The best part of this bonus day, would be that it would be free from the obligations currently crowding the existing days. (My game…my rules).  Monday-Friday are for working. Saturday is mullet day (you know: a stylish mix of serious errands and party times) and Sunday is the Lord’s. (Well…I at least give him an hour before rushing off to do whatever crucial me things I have on my never ending list.)

Bonus day could be anything. It’s a unicorn of a day- hooved in reality but with a bright sparkly horn of magical possibility. In the land of the bonus day, Outlook email shuts down and childcare is free. I’d tell you the streams flow with Coke Zero, but I don’t want to get carried away. (Unless it’s on a river of Coke Zero. Then I’d gladly use my free day to float merrily down my caffeine-powered way).  Wait…where was I? 

See, Bonus Day would be all the good snippets of your regular week, without all the hassle. I'm not saying it isn't bound by the laws of time and space (wait...maybe I am...) but instead of each day getting piled up with all the things, you could set aside time for a specific set of things, thus leaving regular days a bit more open as well. The tragedy of Monday becomes easier if is isn’t also laundry day, and meal prep day, and grocery shopping day…And Saturdays are more relaxing if you’re not trying to jam all your weekly fun into 12 hours of limited daylight.

Yes. I think the idea of a “Thriday” or maybe a  “Fraterday” (wait…that might be a thing at colleges already. I’m scared to google it) could be just the ticket to that elusive land of Life Balance. 

Some Bonus Days I could use in my world: 

Nap Day- Time to catch up on all the sleep that the regular week doesn’t allow. Mmmmmzzzzzzz.

Errand Day- I know, I know. I should probably dream bigger. But can you imagine the pure bliss of going into any store you want, for however long you want, to buy (and return) anything you want, without having to push a cart full of four little grabby hands in a cart fighting over the soft pretzel you threw in to keep them quiet? Or the ease of loading things into your car without removing a carseat, and/or stacking packages on top of the baby because Dang, that bulk box of diapers is gigantic, but it sho’ is cheap!? Or maybe just the simple pleasure of driving to Target listening to music by Not Raffi, followed by not having to field one billion “What that for? What those do? Why you gettin’ that? I hold it? Whhhhhhhyyyyy?” questions in the ummmm, Feminine Care aisle?

Mind your business. Drink your slushie. 
Oh, some of you can imagine such a thing? And just call that a Saturday? Well then you my friend, must be childless. Please feel free to schedule your bonus as Nap Day. Or as you might call it “Every day”.  

Pool Day- I just wanna sun my buns. Is that so wrong? Ok, not buns really. That would be wrong. Specifically I want a waterproof book, a lazy river with a raft, and access to a slushie machine. Yes….now we’re talking. Picture how much easier Tues-Thurs would be if you knew Pool Day was coming! (P.s. I’d like to point out that I’m at least trying to keep Bonus Day somewhat realistic. Otherwise Pool Day would have been Massage From My Personal Cabana Boy Day.)
Piper is "hiding from the wind". Fin is...trying not to die. 
And I'm just relaxing in my suit. Just another calm day on the water.

Hangover Day- Friday night is fun and all, but it would be a whole lot more fun if it came with the promise of waking up to a greasy spoon breakfast around noon. 

Project Day- I’m not all drinks and naps…(Most. Not all.) I love the chance to be productive too. And imagine the thrill of an entire day for all those “someday” projects that seem to get pushed off in favor of “right now” chores. Bonus Day is someday- and it’s perfect for furniture refinishing, quilting, deck staining, photo editing, or whatever your little DIY heart desires. (I might actually call this Pinterest Day, and work through some of my boards that never seem to budge from the theoretical stage). 
 I think I've got it pretty well narrowed down...

Alright…I should stop before I come up with a whole new week to insert into my week. Maybe we should look into Jugust after all…

What about you? What type of Bonus Day are you craving? Chore Day? Junk Food Binge Day? Puppy Day (you know…a full day of puppy snuggles without the consequences of actually managing a dog throughout the week?) The (imaginary) world is your bonus oyster…


  1. I've had a few friends that I am convinced have a deal with God to get a bonus day the rest of us don't have. They just seem to get sooooo much done!

  2. I think Baking day would be perfect and have someone to clean all the mess up at the end so all you'd have to do is enjoy the fruits.. err sweets of the labor. :)