Tuesday, August 26, 2014

B+ Life: Podcast

Hey there! If you found yourself here from Sarah's site, Welcome! I'm thrilled you stopped by!
And if you're a regular around here (hi, mom!) well then, the big news for today is that I'm being featured on Sarah's site as a part of her podcast series.

I've never done a podcast, but when Sarah asked me if I'd like to talk about myself for roughly a half hour, and then post that on the internet, I was IN.
Alright...j a little bit k. Truly, I was honored that she thought of me, and I love the mission of her blog- stories from a "recovering perfectionist in pursuit of living a B+ life." I can totally relate to her struggles with constant comparisons, and striving, and never wanting to "settle" for anything less than perfect. But I've certainly come a long way in my perfectionist journey (think a perfectionist would be willing to lead showyourreal?) so it was fun to chat with her about what I've been learning- and all the things I still have no clue about.

Bowdenisms//Sarah R. Bagley Podcast
I'd love it if you would check it out (warning...it's 41 minutes of gabbing...I won't be offended if you grab some laundry to fold while you listen, or save it for your commute). If you don't know me in real life (hi, reader who isn't my mom!) hopefully you'll get a bit of a better sense of who I am, how dramatic (and fast!) I talk, and my perspective on twitter, balance (what?!) and why I can't be bothered to cook for my kids' birthdays.

And if podcasts aren't your thing, I included the highlights here (don't judge me for editing out all of my "likes" and "ums"). And in either case, just for fun, I included some pics to round out the audio track...because everything is better with (slightly blurry, taken with an iphone, but way better than nothing) baby pics. And donuts. Mmmmmmmmmm, donuts.
Two under Two
bowdenisms podcast B+ life
"When I say I have two little kids, I mean I have two little kids. It is full time wild around here...It is the best of times and the worst of times in every single moment."

Why did I start a blog? 
"I just really like the sound of my own voice...just kidding. I think in the beginning I had no plan at all....In the beginning it was a little haphazard and ridiculous. And now it's equally ridiculous, but maybe slightly less haphazard."

But really...why? 
"I think I'm a natural story teller. Not maybe not naturally awesome, but it's innate in me to want to do it. When something happens, I want to spin it as a story. If I have your attention in any setting I want to keep your attention, hold your attention. I want to charm you and make you laugh.:

Show Your Real
"If I want people to be vulnerable, or I want people to be honest and be willing to show the parts that we don't always show...if that's what I want, then I need to put that out there, and I need to create that, to help spur it on in other people."

And the lighter side of Show Your Real
 "One of things I also love about Show Your Real is people being willing to stand up and be proud of the things they are good at...Your real can also be that you're in love with this part of your life. Or you're proud of what you've accomplished here. Or you're thankful for this thing...It's saying 'Yeah, my real is so so great. And so bad. And both. At the same time.' "

The wildness of motherhood
"I feel like you have out of body experiences every once in a while, where you're just like 'This is my life. This is happening right now. What is going on?' "

Life Balance 
"Oh the baaaaalance...Yeah, that's not a thing....Balance is not in a day....Did you get all the things done in one day? Were you a great mom, and a great worker, and a great blogger, and a great everything, this one day? Because, no. You weren't. Maybe I was one of those. I hope....It's looking at how it balances out in total....And if it takes til Friday for it to balance out, that's alright. It's just a matter of how big you're willing to make your lens....Sometimes it's going to take more than a week for me to feel like it's balanced."

Seasons of unbalance
 "The first six months of my daughter's life (the second one)...they were hard. I mean, I loved her, and I loved having her, but there were days when my two year old- I was just like, 'Can you just go somewhere else, today?'...It was just too much for me sometimes....I wasn't necessarily expecting balance in that season. Because it wasn't going to happen: We were unbalanced. And that's ok, because that's not an entire life. I don't necessarily strive to live in those valleys I guess, but...Sometimes I have to pep talk myself and say 'You know what? This might not be it for you....You don't have to be perfect on this certain Monday. Or this week or this month. It's about the entire thing. And if you scope it out all the way to a lifetime, everyone is doing ok."

What does B+ mean to me? 

"There was a time, when B+, was like Oh my gosh, no! I was that obnoxious, type A, has to get an A type of person...I love the idea, but there's something about me that still feels super icky about B+. I'm not B+, No, I'm better than that, right? As much as I've go some of the perfectionism, I never let go the striving. I will always be that way. And I don't know that I even want to change that...it's just who I am. it's my passion, it's my drive...B+ is not about doing things to a B+ level..it's doing some things to an A+ super+, and some things? I get an F. And I don't care."

"Don't find what you're bad at and try to fix it, because you're only going to get to a certain level. So why am I making my F into a C? It's still going to be a C, who cares? Just be an F. Move on. Take your B+, take your A- and polish those up and be awesome at it. If that's what matters to you, really go after that. I'm trying to find the pieces of me that I love, or that are natural to me, and do more of those and do those better and pour into those and bless people with those pieces of me."

Thanks for joining me in this wild adventure that is silliness/motherhood/vulnerability/internet/life.
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