Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Lately

This summer has gone excessively fast (Time flies when you’re having fun? Times flies when you’re getting old?!) so I’m working on pulling together a recap of this fabulous season (you know…for my self-centered library) but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do another round of Life Lately prompts to get in print all the little bits that would otherwise go documented. Because as much as I love story telling, and sharing big updates, so much of life is in the details. Those tiny little somethings that are woven into our current experience, but I won’t remember accurately down the road. So here is my attempt to create a verbal snapshot of what our right now is all about.

We tried.

Making: Zero progress in my crusade against clutter. Where do all the things come from? And why do they always end up on my countertops?
Cooking: Nothing. I can’t even remember the last thing I cooked. {{…Racking my brain….}} Nothing. I assure you we aren’t starving- quite the contrary actually- but it’s been a lot of meals out, Family Dinner Night at my mom’s, and food prepared by Dustin. We did do a good amount of grilling this Summer too, which I adore. There’s just nothing better than zucchini on the grill. Well…except for burgers. Yum.
Drinking: Too much. (Ok. That makes me sound like I have a problem. But this is my first Summer when I’m not pregnant or nursing in 3 years, so yeah…I’m gonna live it up a bit.) Loving Kraken + Vanilla Coke Zero, and Kinky + Sierra Mist. But never before noon. For I am a lady.
Reading: via audiobooks. I actually just renewed my Pittsburgh library card (shhhhh don’t tell them I moved!) because they have an incredible collection of digital resources (man, I'm a nerd). Recent favorite: BJ Novak’s (ya know...Ryan from The Office) One More Thing. It's pretty much genius.
Wanting: hair extensions. Pregnancy hormones did a number on my already sad hair (x2). I probably won't follow through on it, but it would be fun to have the tresses to pull off cool updos. And faking it would be whole lot easier than growing it out (As I'm currently doing...none of these tips)
Looking: forward to Fall. I will NOT rush Summer (in fact, I plan to drag it out as long as possible) but Fall is such a sweet transition (from one thing I love to another!) I won't be happy to give up the sno-cones, but I can at least be convinced to swap them for an apple cider slushie.
Playing: in the bounce house. We borrowed it from my sister for a week- which means for seven full days, every daylight moment was spent BOUN-CING. The girls were obsessed, the neighbors were excited, and we were thrilled to have the kids so thoroughly entertained (and exhausted).
There are no words to explain how much she loved this. 
Homegirl has no sense. And no fear.

Wasting: too much time comparing myself to others. When will that nonsense stop? (Related story: Dustin once told me a story about the oldest woman in the world...when she was asked what the best part about being the oldest woman was, she answered: lack of peer pressure. I hope I'm that funny, and wise when I'm a thousand.)
Wishing: I had about 3 more hours in the day. Or maybe 24 more hours in the week. I know I'm not the only one who feels that way...Can you imagine what it would be like to actually accomplish an entire day's to-do list for once? I might have to throw myself a party (which would eat up some of my extra free time...)
Enjoying: learning who Fin is. She's started to develop a genuine personality over the last few months (it's funny, and determined, and BIG). She was always a wide-eyed, but pretty going baby, but she's coming into her own watch out world (and by world, I at least mean: Piper.)
Don't turn your back on this fox for a minute- 
she'll steal your sheep without a second thought. 

Waiting: impatiently for football season to start. I got my Fantasy team drafted, and Dustin and I stayed up too late last night catching up on Hard Knocks. I am ready for some football...
Liking: a lot less. Well, at least when it comes to Facebook. Did you catch this article about quitting the "like"? It's encouraging me to make the effort to "thumbs up" less, and comment more.
Wondering: if the kids will get Dustin's toe genes. His are great. Mine are busted. I'll feel bad if I set them up for a life of sandal insecurity.
The results of  constant proclamations of "I do it MY-self!"
Loving: getting to know my neighbors. We totally hit the neighbor jackpot at our new house, with impromptu mini-block parties, constant sidewalk chalk collaborations, and even some late night card games on the deck. I heart the suburbs.
Hoping: for good weather in a couple weeks- when we go to PUERTO RICO!! (ok, sorry...kind of...That was obnoxious, but really I'm so excited! Happy 9 years to us!)
Marveling: at my girls' sisterhood bond. I'm so excited to see how their love grows (and changes) throughout the years. It's such a blessing to have a sister, and I'm so thankful that we was able to give them that.
Not the best picture ever- but that's a big sister sharing her ice cream 
with a little sister. That makes it the best picture ever.

Needing: to stop procrastinating and finally download an entire summer's worth of pics from my iphone. I live in constant fear that I'm going to drop it in a lake (My parents have a boat- it's a real possibility!) and lose the last three months of memories. (Please don't step in with a lecture on "the cloud". I'm old...I don't get it...)
Smelling: sweaty kids? Gross, but true. We're still solid in the summer mode that substitutes pool visits for bathtime. It's not a long term strategy, but for now, it's kind of an awesome version of bad.
Wearing: Rainbow sandals (the brand not the pattern) 98% of days and stripes constantly.
Following:  #showyourreal on Instagram. Have you joined in? Loving this community that's building.
Noticing: I need to up my skin care game. I'm possibly the laziest/cheapest/most clueless person ever when it comes to taking care of my skin. But it's pretty much time for me to be a grown up, and make more effort than occasionally slathering myself in moisturizer (it at least has SPF). Any advice?
Knowing: I need to wake up earlier (technically meaning: stop drinking Coke Zero in the afternoon and start going to bed sooner) but having sooooo much trouble making that happen. How do manage being a night owl, when your family needs an early bird?
An episode of Daniel Tiger buys me an extra 25 minutes for those occasions when 
I can't tear myself out of bed on time. Also known as: every morning. Don't judge.
Thinking: it would be awesome to have another little Bowden running around someday...But then remembering the work that goes into making that happen. Is there a way to just have a 4 year old dropped off at my house someday? Or maybe I should invent baby boarding school for that time before they learn to sleep through the night...I'm thinking it could be pretty popular.
Bookmarking: so much randomness (be on the lookout for another round of ObsessPins this week) but one in particular: this DIY art. We have about two things up on the walls here. Not sure why that always takes me the longest to do- especially when it's the main thing that makes a house feel like home.
Opening: the door to a whole new world of possibility. J/K. I just can't think of anything good. Maybe: opening a pseudo craiglist store out of my garage? We still have so much extra junk we shouldn't have bothered to move. Need something? Anything? I might have it...and I'll make you a deal.
Giggling: at Piper's silly little musings. A recent fave: I told her a friend of mine was sick, and her response: "Because her sister used her cup?" Guess those lessons we're always giving about germs are soaking in.
Feeling: So very happy. And settled. And thankful. And right exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment.
(It helps that where I am happens to sell gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches)

Welp. That's about the size of it.
Your turn! What are some “-ings” you want to share?

P.s. Check out the first installment of our -ing things here.


  1. Skin care: Origins! Someone told me she thought I looked 20 the other day! Only I'm 31 and I look better than I did when I was 20. Half of that credit goes to Origins.

  2. I always come to you for blogger inspiration Courtney ;) I've been on a writing lull here lately & you always have some fun topics. I'm actually writing out my life lately post right now to type up later (and will totally link back to you - thanks for the amazing idea) you have lots of great ones!!
    We're thinking about another little one too but the idea of starting over again (& gaining all that weight & another vertical c section) puts it back in perspective.

    1. Aw, I'm so glad you liked it! It's definitely not my idea originally (is anything!) but I'm happy you're having fun with it. And I hear you on the baby....I'd kinda like to put things back together before I'll be willing to tear it all down again.

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