Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fashion Fashion

More Fashion Fashion, with the Party Party app. Because if I'm going to go to the effort of getting dressed every single day, I might as well tell the internet about it. 

Up first: my favorite jeans (AE of course), with my favorite pattern (stripes, of course), with 79 bracelets (of course), and my rainbow sandals (of course).

  Shirt: J. Crew Outlet. Necklace: Tiffany & Co., Jeans: AE. Ring: Birthday present.
Bracelets: H&M, my grandmother's from Mexico. Sandals: Rainbow.

Then, in the  #showyourreal category, we have me all sweated up after a run (ok...mostly walk...) around the neighborhood. On the scale of fitness cuteness, I could probably do a bit better...but I could definitely do worse. And in any case, at least I'm getting out there. Related: Anyone else do the Couch to 5K plan? I kinda love it (as much as I'm able to love running.)
  Tank: Old Navy. Headband: AE. Shoes: Adidas/DSW.
Sports bra(not shown, thank goodness)/leggings: aerie.

Here's the behind the scenes shot of my newest round of bio pics -otherwise known as Courtney stands awkwardly in her backyard, trying to act all serious writer/approachable blogger/halfway normal person. Good thing I had my security blanket- in the form of 1 million bracelets and a giant scarf (plus my fav jeans and sandals again!)

Tank/Jeans/Bracelets: AE. Scarf/Bracelets/Ring: Forever 21.
  Necklaces: Etsy & Vintage shop in Denver. Sandals: Rainbow. 

Wait, did someone say awkward? In that case, let's take this to another level and get my coworkers involved. I'm sure they wouldn't mind taking a few fashion pics in the middle of their Starbucks run. A blog takes a village, after all. (thanks Amanda!)
  Shirt: Gap Outlet. Ring: Forever21. Necklaces: Target
Jeans: AE. Sandals: Rainbow. 

Annnnnnd, let's end this on a high note- my fav destroyed denim (I actually got a compliment on these from a stranger the other day. It was a mom taking her 8 year old to the Katy Perry concert, so I maybe should question the source a little...but no...I shall accept the compliment), paired with a fancy necklace, a side bun to disguise some dirty hair, and the addition of some lipstick...a monstrously rare occurrence in my life.
 Shirt: Urban Outfitters. Necklace: Charming Charlie.
  Belt: Target. Jeans/Shoes: AE. 
LIPSTICK?! Maybelline Vivids- Shocking Coral

So that's what it's looked like around here the past few weeks. What's been in your closet rotation?
P.s. Check out the inaugural round of fashion party reels, or follow all the fashion fun on instagram

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