Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New look, new (to me) sounds

You see that there header? Awww yeaaah.

I was feeling the urge to mix it up around here a little bit. Nothing against graph paper (for real, how can you hate on tiny little orderly boxes?) but I had that theme for the last few years so it was time for a little refresh. So for the past few nights I've stayed up entirely too late wrestling with some HTML to get a few simple buttons looking "Not Janky" (that's a super technical web designer term, obvs). It's definitely not perfect, but hey, we don't do perfect around here. (we do do #showyourreal plugs, apparently) I like to think that I have at least decent design sensibility, but then at the same time I also know I'm a more plus more plus more plus stripes plus sparkles!! kind of person. So I tried to rein that in as much as possible, so no sparkles, but obviously I had to include the stripes at least.

Anyway, it seemed kind of anti-climatic to roll out a fancy new blog outfit, and not have any new content, so I thought while you click around here a little bit (maybe grab a button for your site while you're at it?) I'd give you some tunes to listen to.

I will never brag about either my taste in songs, or my ability to spot the next big musical thing...or really even my awareness of the fact that most things I think are new have actually been around for decades. But hey, I like what I like! And what I like, at least today, are hip-hop covers turned acoustic, retro booty dancing and anything where Dolly Parton prances around in black-and-white. So that's what you're getting.

The guy kills me. Every time.

How bad do you want to go to Dollywood right now? Scratch that, how bad do you want to go to Dollywood in the 90's right now?

Remember that time I played cello in the fifth grade? I could've been somebody.

ps. more music silliness in the archives. Warning- I really do mean silliness. 

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