Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Place in the Choir

You know those songs...that get into your heart. Those songs that every time you hear them, you're struck with the meaning and power. Those songs that take on much bigger significance than any melody and lyrics should truly be capable of...

Do you have one of those songs?

I'm sure you do. Maybe it's some hymn or worship song, or a song you used to listen to, that now reminds you of a hard time you went through, or a song your Grandma sang to you when you were little.

I think we all have those songs.
But one of mine- is about a possum. And a bullfrog. And a donkey.

A Place in the Choir, sung by Terri Hendrix

All God's critters got a place in the choir
Some sing low, some sing higher
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire
And some just clap their hands, or paws
Or anything they got.

For some reason, this song just gets me. The verses are kind of crazy...but the chorus. Every time I hear that chorus all I can picture is Heaven. Well also...I picture the end portion of the Disney ride Splash Mountain, with all of the animals singing and celebrating...but that actually makes me think of heaven too. I realize that sounds a little nuts, and I don't really have an biblical knowledge that can back up my prediction that Heaven is one big banjo party with Southern "critters" running (and singing) around everywhere. But I just love the joy of the song. And beyond that, the idea of all these different critters- myself included- just coming to God as we are, throwing up our hands, or paws, or anything we've got to praise Him...that's powerful.

The girls and I were listening to it on the way to dinner this weekend, and I couldn't resist trying to get Piper to catch my vision...

Me: Do you know what this song is about, Pipes? 
Piper: Yeah. 
Me: Really...what?
Piper: I don't know. 
{BTW: that's our exchange every single time I ask her a "do you know...?" question. I've tried to explain that she can say "no" the first time, but to no avail...}
Me: Well, God created all the animals and people, and everything on earth, and they're all different. So when it says that they all have a place in the choir, that means we all belong. We can all play together, and He loves all of us exactly the way we are...
Piper: .....Mom? Can you turn the song up.

So. She obviously totally got it.

I stifled the urge to force any more folk-song philosophy into my uninterested toddlers, but I still think about it every time that song comes on (which in our kid-mobile, is kind of a lot). I could wax on this for quite a while, probably pulling entirely too much meaning out of some lyrics about a quiet possum, or crazy porcupine...But as silly as it is, I'm just so thankful for the truth of it. God created me and my critters (and you and yours) and He has a place for every single one of us and our gifts.
I'll be clapping my paws to that idea today.

Background watercolor by Katherine Jury, via Design Love Fest. Font is Channel.

P.s.  Another old-school uplifting jam of mine, and a reminder that God loves us as we are.

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