Monday, October 13, 2014


House update time! Because somehow, we haven't done a tour since June!

I realized when visiting family in Philly, that I haven't done a great job of filling people in on our house. Sure, we've done the video walk throughs, but I haven't really written about our place much, which is a shame because WE ARE IN LOVE. So to give you the details, but spare you a novel, I'll give you a list of highlights:
  1. It's 10 minutes from my mom (and 8 from my brother, and 6 from my sister and 20 from my dad and 12 from our new church). There are no real words for how awesome that is.
  2. It's gloriously suburban. That means it doesn't come with much character-it looks almost identical to its 157 beige neighbors- but it does come with...(list within a list time!!):
    • drywall (vs. plaster)
    • more than one bathroom
    • sidewalks
    • a flat back yard (that's practically fenced in)
    • an attached garage
    • no "must do" projects
  3. Gorgeous Ohio landscape. I know, I know, not everyone appreciates the glory of the Midwestern plains ...But our property backs up to a little nature preserve field, so it's all the beauty of having a few acres, with none of the work to take care of it. And I swear to you we've had a photo-worthy sunset every night this month (Dustin rolls his eyes as I carry the kids around the house- literally walking in a loop around the exterior of our house- looking for all the different colors we can spot.)
  4. It comes with amazing neighbors. Kids, dogs, playmates, Powerwheels, homemade pumpkin bread, after-work beers...This place has it all. I'm loving getting to know everyone, and forming a little village where we look after each other.
This may not look like much, but this: is my village. And when I come around the bend after a far too long day at work, and I see my family and neighbors, and home (and a sunset!), my heart is full. So thankful for this village. #houseofbowden

So that's some of the behind-the-scenes emotion of it all...But what about the behind-the-blog decor updates of it all? For that- we have video!
I have to tell you, that when we shot this video a couple weeks ago, I was positive we had already done an updated video tour of the house without boxes. Well...I was totally wrong. Turns out the last one we posted basically looked like the inside of a storage locker (plus some beds). So as a result, this video is pretty much an endless stream of me mistakenly saying "we haven't really done anything here" or "that's not really new", when in reality, compared to the state of things in June, we've actually done a lot. No, we haven't painted anything, or done anything that can actually be considered a home improvement project. But we sure have unpacked a lot....and strewn it about the house to create a thoroughly "lived-in" look. So.....there's that.

But truly- my goal in these videos isn't to wow you. (I mean...thank goodness...or I would be fail-ING.) It's just to capture the everyday-ness of our everyday. I intentionally didn't clean up before shooting mostly because I hate cleaning up, but also because I want to show it how it really is...a bit chaotic, a bit unfinished, a BIG bit messy, but still- home. And to that point, this is the first video in the new house where we have our kids running around in the background. Turns out they're also a bit chaotic, a bit messy- and a BIG bit loud (and only semi-clothed). So: real.

And along those lines- as a final caveat before we get to the fun stuff-  do people ever watch themselves on video and say, "MAN. I look awesome. My mannerisms are in no way annoying, my voice sounds adorable, and all the additional angles I don't typically witness really just enhance my already sky-high self-image!"?  I would like to meet these people. And punch them in their perfect teeth.

So with that....I give you the latest tour of The Bowden Home:

Ps. you can see all of our house updates on our "home page" (internet pun!), view #houseofbowden pics on IG, or check out the homestead archives. AND...remember when our little nuggets were even nuggetier? Ah-dorableness.)

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  1. I TOTALLY feel you on the mail/kitchen clutter and the ever rotating kids clothes! Those two are seriously impossible for me to overcome at my house. UGH! I loved seeing your home and sweet family...makes me want to do a video tour too! Also makes me want a new house ;)