Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Costume Week: Cow Appreciation Day

Ok, so we're three days into #costumeweekspooktacular so I don't need to profess my love of dressing up. You get it.

But do you also know about my intense love of Chick-fil-A? Oh yes. It's partly about the delicious chicken, but also may have something to do with my intense desire to be southern. And the extreme patience they show to my sauce-loving, havoc-wreaking kids doesn't hurt either (plus: indoor playground!) In any case, it's a popular choice for us Bowdens, especially in our Pittsburgh days when we had a few of them nearby our house AND our office. Convenient, church-y, chicken. My pleasure.

However...even if Chick-fil-A hadn't already solidified its place in my heart (more specifically: my arteries) they would have won me over with their annual July 14th festivities. What's that? You weren't aware that July 14th is an official holiday? Oh yes, my friends. For it is:

...also known as the very, very best kind of holiday, in that it involves- nay- demands costumes, and rewards the wardrobe effort with FREE chicken. It's like Halloween in the Summer, but without all the terrible spooky stuff (and swapping the candy for waffle fries).

It's a pretty simple deal- dress like a cow, and get a free meal. I'm never mad at a free meal, but I truly can't resist the urge to get my entire family in on some matching outfit action. So last year, Piper and I worked on some cow costume crafts, and convinced Dustin to humor me (again...some more).

Piper was wary for sure, but poor little 4 week old Fin didn't know the dairy dynasty she was born into.
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So this year, we had to continue the tradition...and luckily we had saved pieces of our outfits  ( don't all use your spare bedroom as a costume closet?) so we updated them slightly and were ready to roll. (a little electrical tape over some devil horns...voila: cow horns!)

Mooing all the way...

Seriously...she liked the costume, but loved the mooing.

This is Fin's attempt at a moo:

We managed to get some family shots. The clean before...

And the slightly messy after:

I'm already looking forward to next year.

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