Thursday, October 30, 2014

Costume Week: Tiger-tastic

If Piper had her way, she would be a tiger every day of the week. It might stem from her adoration of Daniel Tiger, but she also loves the real deal- begging to see the tigers from the minute someone utters the word "zoo". She's perfected her roar, consistently names it as her favorite animal. (And if you know any almost three year olds, then you know their favorite things tend to change by the second).

So when our church hosted a Hoedown, (does that warrant a capital H? I'm not positive...feels like yes...) and that Hoedown had facepainting, Piper was adamant that she be transformed into a tiger. I, of course, was hoping for maybe a simple little star on her know...something that could be removed with one baby wipe or less, but she was not budging. We discussed it while we waited in line, because I was worried she might like the theory of face painting more than she liked the actuality of it all. But she assured me she really really wanted to be a tiger. The heart wants what it wants I suppose.
Pipes climbed up on that big country chair with no reservations, which may not seem like a big deal, but she has a tendency to be a bit of a fraidy cat, so I was a bit surprised to see her press on during the process. I hate to limit her, but I've also often seen her love the idea of something, only to hate it once it gets started, so I try to warn her about what's about to happen to avoid a freak out. Face painting may not be a huge deal to most, but for a sensitive kid, a stranger touching your face with weird wet stuff can be a little scary. I'm finding that it's a bit of a balancing act to have a cautious kid...I want to support her when she makes a brave choice, but I also get nervous for her, and want to prepare her so she doesn't get overwhelmed. She's been surprising me more and more lately though, begging to do things she previously wouldn't have even considered. (This same day, she even rode a horse! This, from the girl who previously wouldn't even pet a cat!)

She did have a little change of heart just before it was her turn, when I told her that being a tiger meant they were going to paint her whole face. She thought for a minute, and decided- "Not my eyes, mama. And not my tongue." Ok...we can work with that.

So she got her wish, and the eyes and the tongue stayed paint free. She was quite the sight to behold...definitely not my vision, but it was everything she hoped for. (I took a few pics while we were at the Hoedown, but when we got home she requested a slew of selfies, and asked to send them to people to show off her new look. I was worried we might not convince her to wash it off come bedtime.

I'm probably making too much of it all, I know facepaint isn't exactly a sign of a budding daredevil, but I was so proud of her for knowing what she wanted, and enduring something she may have been a little unsure about in order to get it. It's so fun to be her mama, watching her personality develop and change. She may always have a bit of a cautious side, or she may surprise us all and embrace her tiger spirit. But we'll love her either way. (Though Fin may be a teeny bit suspicious...)

Oh- and #costumeweekspooktacular bonus: Hoedown Bowdens. Next time...hats.


  1. I've got a cautious kiddo too. Face painting and a horse ride would be super dare-devil-y in this house. So I'd go ahead and be proud of Piper for going after what she wants. :)

  2. Hoedown Bowdens. funny. She is the best looking little tiger ever! Huggamugga!!!