Monday, December 1, 2014


Happy Cyber Monday! And First day of Advent! And post-holiday return to the daily grind!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, filled with turkey/deals/rest/family/all things that are awesome about this holiday. We stayed home this year for the first time....ever. Seriously EVER. It was weird. And great.

And since we weren't traveling, and shuttling from place to place trying to pack in togetherness, we had plenty of time for...well...wasting time. So you know I spent a good portion of it pinning.

In no particular order, here are a few of my recent online loves.

Stripes. I'm in. (the gold is a bonus).

I always have big dreams of elaborately wrapped presents, and though I sometimes manage a little theme, I never quite get it together to this level. Bad news is- I still haven't adequately unpacked my wrapping supplies, so bags and bows are pretty much strewn about the basement. Good news is- I bought a couple of new rolls of paper from of them has Santa-hat wearing zebras. Aw, yeah.

What do you do with your cards? I love to display them, but don't really have a great solve for where/how. I love the idea of this faux-tree! (P.s. I'm kind of worried we're not going to get any cards this year. So lame I know, but I have visions of all of our mail going to our old house, leaving my mailbox sad and empty. We moved! Ask me for my address! I want to see your cards!)

This layout is pretty much exactly like our bathroom...and the finishes are about 900% cooler than our current builder-grade situation. Someday, dream bathroom, someday. 

We have a beautiful upright piano that plays surprisingly well despite its questionable craigslist origins...But all the woodwork isn't exactly in great shape, so I'm toying with the idea of painting it. I just can't land on a color I feel passionate about, and I'm too nervous to take on such a task until I'm confident about it.
Ever just pin stuff with no plan...just becaue you like it? That's this one. I have no idea what this will inspire...But it's pretty, and makes me happy. So maybe that's good enough.

Your turn: What's showing up on your boards lately? 
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