Monday, January 12, 2015

Little Pip-Speaks: Volume 13

The New Year, New Quips, Same Old Silly Pip edition. 
Pip-speak #1:
Piper {refusing a nap}: I can't sleep. I promise not to be cranky. I'll try my best. 

Pip-speak #2:
Piper {regarding her chalkboard drawing}: I hafta unrase it

Pip-speak #3:
Piper {referring to Fin stomping around}: Do you hear her footprints?

Pip-speak #4:
Piper {to Daddy}: You are the silliest billy you ever billied. 

Pip-speak #5:
Piper: Mom, you're the best mommy in the world. You get a medal {puts imaginary medal on my neck}. And I'm the best piper in world. Here is my medal. {puts imaginary medal on her neck}. We match!

Pip-speak #6:
Piper {after opening a new set of footie pajamas on Christmas Eve}: They're my new jammies? Do I get to keep them? I've always wanted jammies like this!

Pip-speak #7:
Piper {singing}: Alice the camel has no humps. Alice is a...corn! 
Mama: A corn? Not horse?
Piper: Yes. A corn is a type of hedgehog
Mama: {???}

Pip-speak #8:
Piper: I stuck both of my stickers together and put them on Fin's car seat because she's the sweetest girl I've ever seen. 

Pip-speak #9:
Mama: Do you like your new  playhouse? Who do you think got you that? 
Piper: I think Father Christmas brought it!

Pip-speak #10:
Piper {after throwing a fit about who knows what}: I need something to wipe my tears. I will use my jammies and then we can wash them in the dryer.

Pip-speak #11:
Piper: Mama! Today we made snow ice cream! We used healthy snow, mama!
Mama: Healthy snow? 
Piper: Yeah. The white ones. Not yellow.

Pip-speak #12:
Piper {shopping with my mom}: G'mi, can we get a card for mommy and daddy?
G'mi: Sure, what do you want it to say?
Piper: I want it to say thank you for G'mi.

Pip-speak #13:
Piper {in the backseat of the car}: I love you. Period. So come back soon. {pause...} I was talking on my phone.
(sounds like maybe someone has overheard her share of "voice to texts"?)

Pip-speak #14:
Piper {after seeing a shirt she liked at a store with my mom}: G'mi! You could buy me that for my birthday! 
G'mi: If I do, Piper you're going to have to forget I bought it and be surprised on your birthday. 
Piper: I can do that G'mi. I can forget. 
Piper {smiling, repeating under her breath}: I will not forget I will not forget I will not forget.

Pip-speak #15:
Mama: Daddy's going to be home in a little bit, because he has to help someone paint. 
Piper: Why?
Mama: Well because they need help so they asked daddy to come over. 
Piper: Because they needed a big strong man! 

Pip-speak #16:
Piper: Dear Jesus: Thank you for the food. Thank you for the wonderful meal. Thank you for the trip to the library, Jesus. Amen. 
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  1. I feel like I quote Piper's number 1 every. single. day. And Oh my word, about her needing something to wipe her tears with! I feel like she said something similar the night we had book club at your house before you moved. It was so cute! Her little Pipsqueaks are truly adorable. Can't wait to hear what Fin adds to the dialogue one day!