Friday, March 13, 2015


Who's ready for the most original blog post idea ever?

(I hope there are no hands in the air, and we can all move along with what I have planned for today...)

It's been a long week (says me, every Thursday night...) but rather than dwell on the not-so-fun of it all, I thought I'd make a list of all the little lovelies I've been noticing recently (or should noticed, but can at least recognize in hindsight). So- in no particular order, here are some very awesome things about our right now-ish:
  • The delightful weather. And yes, I call 40's and foggy delightful, because anything is better than the 60 straight days of sub zero temps we just emerged from. Low standards are a silver lining!
  • Our new towel hook, shaped like a mermaid. 
  • Showing up in matching Johnny Cash outfits to church with my mom: 
  • "Reading" the bible every night, and answering questions like, "Why the snake not listening?" "What's obey?"
  • House of Cards Season 3. And the Serial Podcast. And Mad Men Season 2.
  • Crazy hair: 
  • A new cleaning lady. Yes, I spent the entire evening before making everyone (mostly me) clean up for the cleaner, but still...worth it. 
  • The "outfit" Piper picked out for me: 
  • Little girls in big raincoats (you gotta just trust me, without a visual)
  • When it's still light outside at 7:30
  • Actually taking a picture with my real live camera for a change:

(Their TGIF list includes Breakfast Picnics, Wild Kratts and Stealing Your Sister's Bacon when She's Watching Wild Kratts)

I could probably go on...and on...Funny how many blessings you have when you actually sit down to count them...TGIF indeed.
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