Monday, March 16, 2015

Three: Is a Magic Number

Three. As in....Baby Bowden #3.

Are you surprised? Excited? Completely over it?

Well, regardless, we're thrilled to add to our our brood, and just as excited to be able to share the news with everyone. B-3 (is that going to catch on? Somehow, I don't think so...) is due to arrive on September 3, 2015, which just so happens to be the day before our 10th wedding anniversary. I'm pretty sure the traditional gift for ten years is "a human", right?

Piper is super excited (though she forgets about it 98% of the time, focusing her attention instead on Netflix Kids, fruit snacks, and throwing fits if we misunderstand her request for the blue cup, no not that one, the other blue one, oh the humanity waaaaahhhhhhh...)

And Fin- Well, Fin is Fin.

 I'm about 15.5 weeks now (but who's counting...?) so I'm feeling good, and looking big. (Do you know when one starts "showing" with one's third baby? The answer is about five minutes after one pees on a stick.) We plan to find out the gender, but have to wait until the 20 week ultrasound, so until then, it's anyone's guess. (Though "Are you hoping for a boy?" is high on the list for most asked question this time around...along with, "Whoa, 3?" and "Were you trying? Like..was this on purpose?") I don't tend to dignify those types of inquiries with a real response, but our "official party line" is that we'll be equally excited- and completely freaked out- no matter what the gender. (Three girls is no joke...But adding a boy? Is sort of terrifying as well. Come to think of it: whoa, three? Who's idea was this anyway?)

I make no secret that two babies is tough stuff, so I'm pretty sure adding a third is going to be completely least for the first 18 years or so. But as much as these wild monkeys wear me out, I still can't get over the fact that we get to meet an entirely new person, call them family, and love them forever. I really doesn't get better than that.

 Once upon a time, Piper was just about the best thing that ever happened to us, and getting to know her convinced me we just had to do it all again...We got Fin, another just about the best thing that ever happened to us. And very early after her arrival, I looked at her perfect, little, permanently surprised face, and just knew that she wasn't the end. That there were more Bowden babies out there for us (I hoped/prayed...)

 So it turns out there is indeed at least one more little Bowden Baby, and we're a mere six months from meeting him or her. I just can't wait.

This calls for a Pinterest-Chalkboard-Photoshoot-Fail GIF, wouldn't you say?
(not pictured, the mid-shoot Time Out, goldfish cracker/bribe spill, break for Easter books/more bribery, and redo's 1-4 of the chalkboads because somebody-x2 can't keep their feet off of my "art". That's right, folks...these pics are the highlight reel.)

Thank you to so many of you who have already congratulated us in person...and thank you to all of you who are following along and sharing in our joy- past, present and future: three.

P.S. More gif-tastic gender reveal fun: Baby #1 and Baby #2.

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